Daily Inspirations no. 433

There are couple of addictive photos in today’s photography section. At least for me … when I see the featured beaches I just want to be there right now. Seems I have a severe sea air deficit :). Gotta wait few weeks though. Anyway, when speaking about beach photos, let’s be concrete. Check the Begin where I end by Oer-Wout and Under heaven’s skies by Prperold. Right below these two, there is a beautiful flower photo called The happy days by Healzo. Love the colors. The illustrations section is quite strong today as well … my picks are the Rouge by Escume and Molt by the same author. For the fans on interior design, there is warm interior featured called Loft Restoration, Florence, 2008. Not sure if I would pick the white fabric sofa …. but I have to admit, it does look perfect with this color combination. I can’t leave you guys without a freebie, right?! If you need a cool menu for your website, make sure to check today’s Light and Dark Psd Web Menu by Pixeden. Get inspired!


Behind the Trees by Ldinami7e

Photography: Behind the Trees

Ola_05 by Hellwoman

Photography: Ola_05

stay for a second by Megson

Photography: stay for a second

Begin where I end by Oer-Wout

Photography: Begin where I end

Under heaven’s skies by Prperold

Photography: Under heaven's skies

The happy days by Healzo

Photography: The happy days

It’s Killing Me I by LinaDomina

Photography: It's Killing Me I


Rouge by Escume

Illustrations: Rouge

Present for Viktoria by Adelenta

Illustrations: Present for Viktoria

Leviathan by Felideus

Illustrations: Leviathan

Molt by Escume

Illustrations: Molt

Crocodile Rock by Loopydave

Illustrations: Crocodile Rock

Together by Pesare

Illustrations: Together

3d Arts

Trucktown by Jonatancatalan

3d arts: Trucktown

Rabbit Gangster – the evil bunny by Ronny Penko

3d arts: Rabbit Gangster - the evil bunny

Art And Digital Art

Pencil Vs Camera – 57 by BenHeine

art and digital art: Pencil Vs Camera - 57

Photo Art by Daryna Kossar

art and digital art: Photo Art

Bestiarum Vocabulum by Shi Chun

art and digital art: Bestiarum Vocabulum

Snow Queen by Alexis Marcou

art and digital art: Snow Queen

Leaving by Children’s Illustration

art and digital art: Leaving


Self Branding by James Worton

Typography: Self Branding

Handmade Fonts by HandMadeFont

Typography: Handmade Fonts

Done With Your Bombing by Chris Piascik

Typography: Done With Your Bombing

Cool Logo Design

Business card nr. 341 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Business card nr. 341


Kendall Lubricants: Greengrocery Truck by La Facultad, Ecuador

Advertising: Kendall Lubricants: Greengrocery Truck

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza: Get closer, 1 by Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

Advertising: Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza: Get closer, 1

Chinese restaurant by Supparat Thepparat

Advertising: Chinese restaurant

Architecture And Design

Zhengzhou Mixed Use Development by Trahan Architects

Architecture and design: Zhengzhou Mixed Use Development

Loft Restoration, Florence, 2008 by Unknown

Architecture and design: Loft Restoration, Florence, 2008


New John Cooper Works GP is fastest MINI ever by MINI

Technology: New John Cooper Works GP is fastest MINI ever

BMW reveals new Touring models of F30 3 series by BMW

Technology: BMW reveals new Touring models of F30 3 series


thefancy by Thefancy

Web: thefancy

Interesting Article

MONGOLIA IN COLOUR (1913) by Inspirefirst

Interesting article: MONGOLIA IN COLOUR (1913)


Light and Dark Psd Web Menu by Pixeden

freebies: Light and Dark Psd Web Menu

Free Font

ParticlePhysics font by Max Infeld

Free font: ParticlePhysics font


Yosemite HD by Project Yosemite

Motion: Yosemite HD


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