Daily Inspirations no. 430

It’s already the 430th edition of our daily inspirations … would you believe that? The time if flying. Anyway, seems majority of today’s photos is nature related. I don’t mind at all. Just check the first four photos featured … aren’t they beautiful? Love the Purple Stitches by Donna R and and Grasstalk by Lena Weisbek. So relaxing. My pick from today’s illustrations got to be the artwork called Meet the Beetles by Eric Fan. Which one is Paul anyway? :) If you’re more into traditional art, make sure to check + Blue Jeans + by Sandra Jawad. Amazing detail … I do like the b/w – color combination. At the very end something for all of you waiting for some freebies. Make sure to download the cool UI Elements set by Designkindle. Enjoy!


Touch of Blue by Sharon Johnstone

Photography: Touch of Blue

Purple Stitches by Donna R

Photography: Purple Stitches

Grasstalk by Lena Weisbek

Photography: Grasstalk

Promises – Floral by Anne Staub

Photography: Promises - Floral

Iceland by Jan Waider

Photography: Iceland

Scops Owl by Left-hand

Photography: Scops Owl

sexy by Unknown

Photography: sexy


Bigotaco by CranioDsgn

Illustrations: Bigotaco

Meet the Beetles by Eric Fan

Illustrations: Meet the Beetles

Characters & Plasticine by Ana Villalba

Illustrations: Characters & Plasticine

Freedom by Gpzang

Illustrations: Freedom

Elf by Hjz

Illustrations: Elf

April by Igor Grushko (Vayne)

Illustrations: April

3d Arts

Homesick by CryingHorn

3d arts: Homesick

Interference by Jonatancatalan

3d arts: Interference

Art And Digital Art

thought in metastasis by Agnes-cecile

art and digital art: thought in metastasis

Hail Mary by Angelo Cerantola

art and digital art: Hail Mary

+ Blue Jeans + by Sandra Jawad

art and digital art: + Blue Jeans +

vh1 DIVAS campaign by Julie Ruiz

art and digital art: vh1 DIVAS campaign

Pattern poster by Luís Alves

art and digital art: Pattern poster


Childhood by Chris Piascik

Typography: Childhood

? Adam Yauch � No way! I’m a Beastie Boy ? by Banda Babarizie

Typography: ? Adam Yauch � No way! I'm a Beastie Boy ?

All about it. by Ragnampiza

Typography: All about it.

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 262 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 262


Alipuro: Lifebelt by Herezie, Paris, France

Advertising: Alipuro: Lifebelt

Jeep Wrangler: Rushmore by Publicis, Montreal, Canada

Advertising: Jeep Wrangler: Rushmore

GEOX: Bubblegum by Young & Rubicam , Brussels, Belgium

Advertising: GEOX: Bubblegum

Architecture And Design

FREE City by FREE Fernando Romero EnterprisE

Architecture and design: FREE City

Astounding Bondi Penthouse by MPR Design Group

Architecture and design: Astounding Bondi Penthouse


Tesla Gun jumps out of graphic novel and into reality by Rob Flickenger

Technology: Tesla Gun jumps out of graphic novel and into reality

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon previewed by Lenovo

Technology: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon previewed


cgtextures by Cgtextures

Web: cgtextures

Interesting Article

VINTAGE AD SEXISM by Inspirefirst

Interesting article: VINTAGE AD SEXISM


Sleek UI Elements by Designkindle

freebies: Sleek UI Elements

Free Font

Fette classic UNZ Fraktur by Catfomts


Steel Life by Mathieu Gérard

Motion: Steel Life


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