Daily Inspirations no. 429

There are several refreshing photos available today. Let’s start with a bowl full of juicy raspberries in Sweet Red by Sandra Arduini. If that’s not refreshing enough, what about an underwater adventure with a hot model? :) You have to admit though, Underwater I by Cristina Prat Mases is quite nice. There two amazing illustrations I have to share with you right now. It’s the semi-naked Rocket Pearl by E338 and the illustration right below called Innocence (Marta) by the same author. E338 got some talent … let me tell ya. There is bunch of quality stuff in  art / digital art and ad section as well … make sure to scroll though. If you guys need a nice fashion catalogue template, there is one in our freebie section. That’s it from me … enjoy!


Pink sunset by GUIDO MONTANES

Photography: Pink sunset

Little Red Flying Fox Hanging Out by Serenity Photography

Photography: Little Red Flying Fox Hanging Out

Sweet Red by Sandra Arduini

Photography: Sweet Red

underwater I by Cristina Prat Mases

Photography: underwater I

Rushes and Reeds by Joel Esposito

Photography: Rushes and Reeds

Smile by Unknown

Photography: Smile

Ancient time by Unknown

Photography: Ancient time


BONK! by Chris Piascik

Illustrations: BONK!

Smoking Kills by Terry Fan

Illustrations: Smoking Kills

Personal Stuff by Buddy Jiang

Illustrations: Personal Stuff

Orc Shaman by Filip

Illustrations: Orc Shaman

Rocket Pearl by E338

Illustrations: Rocket Pearl

innocence (Marta) by E338

Illustrations: innocence (Marta)

3d Arts

Techorrors by Daniel Tapia

3d arts: Techorrors

Fallout 2 – Fan Art : Cold Encouters by CryingHorn

3d arts: Fallout 2 - Fan Art : Cold Encouters

Art And Digital Art

One World, One Mission by Nicebleed

art and digital art: One World, One Mission

The Old Owl – Black by Farnell

art and digital art: The Old Owl - Black

Distorsion identitaire by Jenn’ Gauthier

art and digital art: Distorsion identitaire

Queen by Feline Zegers

art and digital art: Queen

Cosmic Love by Victor Dias

art and digital art: Cosmic Love


space by Steven Toang

Typography: space

Do Your Best To Do Your Worst by Chris Piascik

Typography: Do Your Best To Do Your Worst

The National (Limited) by Jon Contino

Typography: The National (Limited)

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 278 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 278


smuin ballet by Enrique Camacho

Advertising: smuin ballet

ADESF: Airplane by NeogamaBBH, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advertising: ADESF: Airplane

Second Love: Couple, Laurel & Hardy by Script, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Advertising: Second Love: Couple, Laurel & Hardy

Architecture And Design

Galaxy Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquater Park by 10 Design

Architecture and design: Galaxy Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquater Park

The Purist�s Table by Andrej Èverha

Architecture and design: The Purist�s Table


Time for a Healthy Heart by Adam Nagy

Technology: Time for a Healthy Heart

Safer Plastic Money by Safer Plastic Money

Technology: Safer Plastic Money


vivrocks by Vivrocks

Web: vivrocks

Interesting Article

Intuition by Carsten Witte

Interesting article: Intuition


Fashion Catalog Template by Pixeden

freebies: Fashion Catalog Template

Free Font

Duepuntozero ExtraBold by Studio Kmzero

Free font: Duepuntozero ExtraBold


The Arctic Light by TSO Photography

Motion: The Arctic Light


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