Daily Inspirations no. 428

We’ll be starting today with several beautiful flower photos. Make sure to check Poppies by Mandy Disher and the Purple Carnation by Anahita Narimani Cole. Let’s stick with the nature … instead of flora though, it’s gonna be about animals. Check the staring sheep photo titled Look. It’s definitelly worth it. Let’s move one section down … from the illustrations I would like to highlight Mercedes deBellard. Another one I like is the one at the bottom of the section called Fog by E338. If you’re inclining more towards traditional artworks, do not miss Solvent by Olga Noes. There are quite creative ads featured today as well … make sure to scroll through. At the very end, there is a nice Apple style navi bar available in the freebie section. Enjoy!


rising by Bonnie Martin

Photography: rising

Poppies by Mandy Disher

Photography: Poppies

Purple Carnation by Anahita Narimani Cole

Photography: Purple Carnation

And birds did sing by Raceytay

Photography: And birds did sing

Light experimentation by Benoit Paillé

Photography: Light experimentation

Look by Unknown

Photography: Look

Unknown by Unknown

Photography: Unknown


Elmo and Little Butterfly by Fathi

Illustrations: Elmo and Little Butterfly

Mercedes deBellard by Mercedes DeBellard

Illustrations: Mercedes deBellard

I Want My Blue Sky by Budi Satria Kwan

Illustrations: I Want My Blue Sky

Vinyl Love by Young Davis

Illustrations: Vinyl Love

stalactite shrine by Jameswolf

Illustrations: stalactite shrine

Fog by E338

Illustrations: Fog

3d Arts

Yokai! by Cesc Grané

3d arts: Yokai!

Unocultural 2012 by Alice Estudio

3d arts: Unocultural 2012

Art And Digital Art

Existence in Time and Space by Norman Duenas

art and digital art: Existence in Time and Space

Solvent by Olga Noes

art and digital art: Solvent

conceptual productions by DDiArte

art and digital art: conceptual productions

Pyro by Emma Über

art and digital art: Pyro

The numbers series 60585 – 60592 by Jarek Kubicki

art and digital art: The numbers series 60585 - 60592


Life is an Experiment by Dzeri29

Typography: Life is an Experiment

HARF 77 by Marco Oggian

Typography: HARF 77

Echo Conference Illustration by Barton Damer

Typography: Echo Conference Illustration

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 305 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 305


Lenor fabric softener: Gorilla by Grey, Lima, Peru

Advertising: Lenor fabric softener: Gorilla

Rozelândia Toys: Imagination Warrior by Script, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Advertising: Rozelândia Toys: Imagination Warrior

Mercedes-Benz “Euro 08 – Alpen drama” by Kalle Haasum

Advertising: Mercedes-Benz

Architecture And Design

Elevated Theatre for NYC by Ayrat Khusnutdinov

Architecture and design: Elevated Theatre for NYC

Concrete Beauty by Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects

Architecture and design: Concrete Beauty


Audio Globe by Jeong Yong

Technology: Audio Globe

Never Burn Your Tongue Again! by Hsu Sean

Technology: Never Burn Your Tongue Again!


designshard by Designshard

Web: designshard

Interesting Article

Photos of Abandoned and Mysterious Yugoslavian Monuments by Inspirefirst

Interesting article: Photos of Abandoned and Mysterious Yugoslavian Monuments


Apple Style Navigation Menu by Freepsdfiles

freebies: Apple Style Navigation Menu

Free Font

Electramaniacal Regular by Donald Mastronarde, Marc Cogan

Free font: Electramaniacal Regular


iPod Magic – Deceptions by Marco Tempest

Motion: iPod Magic - Deceptions


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