Beautiful Logo Design Collection

If you are a logo designer or simply love corporate identity make sure to check today’s collection of amazing logo designs. You’ll be able to see several styles – from simple / clean logos all the way to complex ones. I am sure there is something for everyone. My favorite ones are: Heavenly pie by Oliver Akos, Rockslide by Malicho and Neanet by Contactme. Enjoy!

Tiny Zoo by Oronoz

Tiny Zoo

BobkaLavera by Oronoz


M&A by Oronoz


Happy Booth by Oronoz

Happy Booth

Natures Best by Oronoz

Natures Best

C Roys by Jerron

C Roys

sound saviour by Baspixels

sound saviour

Pet & You by Ru_ferret

Pet & You

Texas Taco by Jerron

Texas Taco

heavenly pie by OLIVERAKOS

heavenly pie

in-flora by Khloosoff

in-flora by Yoon

Mardane by 1ta


Groove Ads by RyanSacha

Groove Ads

wave by Nickel


Fun Mania by Sanya

Fun Mania

Rockslide by Malicho


Kiri Te by Logtek

Kiri Te

Snapt by Fogra


Neanet by Contactme



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