Inspiring Fantasy Illustrations

It seems you guys enjoyed the last fantasy illustrations collection we published here on Cruzine A LOT. To extinguish your thirst after fantasy art we decided to do another one. In today’s collection you may expect artists’ creativity unleashed resulting in many hot art pieces. My personal favorites is the Animus by ManiakS, The moth by Elda and Blessings of Nature by Jumboshrimp. Ok, won’t waste your time anymore … enjoy this collection and of course get inspired .).

Magic the Gathering: Visara the Dreadful by Cryptcrawler

Magic the Gathering: Visara the Dreadful

Magic the Gathering: Vault Skirge by Cryptcrawler

Magic the Gathering: Vault Skirge

Twist of Fate by Cryptcrawler

Twist of Fate

Operation Night Eagle by ManiakS

Operation Night Eagle

Vorapatede by ManiakS


Animus by ManiakS


Balthazar by Kekai


Slayer by Kekai


The Charr Horde by Kekai

The Charr Horde

The Descent by Kekai

The Descent

Sunshine by Vikiey


Discover a Muse by MichaelCHayes

Discover a Muse

Vampire Sourcebook by MichaelCHayes

Vampire Sourcebook

Artemis by MichaelCHayes


Battle of the Soul by Junc

Battle of the Soul

Honey trap by Junc

Honey trap

Requiem-Symphony by Junc


Pirates by Niconoff


Flapursity by Niconoff


The moth by Elda

The moth

Nestlings heart by Elda

Nestlings heart

Guild Wars ‘Winds of change’_Miku by Thefirstcolor

Guild Wars 'Winds of change'_Miku

Guild Wars2 Norn by Thefirstcolor

Guild Wars2 Norn

Welcome to the Wormworld by Daniellieske

Welcome to the Wormworld

Pillars of the North by Mandryk

Pillars of the North

Dragon Down by Mandryk

Dragon Down

MtG: Restoration Angel by Algenpfleger

MtG: Restoration Angel

Blessings of Nature by Jumboshrimp

Blessings of Nature

The Lich King by PhroZac

The Lich King

Kingdome under fire II / Demon by Gpzang

Kingdome under fire II / Demon


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