Daily Inspirations no. 422

Just insane how the times flies … we got Friday again. I know you all are already looking forward the weekend and you won’t get too busy today … so why not using the time doing something you like while still getting inspired. Let’s check what’s new out there .). I’ll start in the photography section although the photo I am gonna highlight could be in the architecture / design section as well. Anyway, check Jumeirah Abu Dhabi by Victor Romero. You gotta love the smooth curves .. amazing. The ones checking us regularly already know what’s next … right, we’ll check the illustrations. There are several pieces I love. Make sure to check Kinnaree by NeoArtCore and Plester The Elephant by Drew Hill Studio. For all the banana milk lovers, there is a nice ad called Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Farm by Cheil Worldwide in the ad section. Fans of photography and mainly cameras shouldn’t miss the Mammoth fisheye lens from the 1970s by Nikkor. At the very end my friends, there is a nice got-to-have flyer available in the freebie section. Enjoy!


Vine by Mark Wiens

Photography: Vine

Feather by Mark Wiens

Photography: Feather

New Hair by Thomas Zechmeister

Photography: New Hair

Jumeirah Abu Dhabi by Victor Romero

Photography: Jumeirah Abu Dhabi

Winter Evening by Jon Sparks

Photography: Winter Evening

Phlox by Jenny Althouse

Photography: Phlox

Bite me by Unknown

Photography: Bite me


Kinnaree by NeoArtCore

Illustrations: Kinnaree

Calamity Amelie by Papaninja

Illustrations: Calamity Amelie

Air by HOON

Illustrations: Air

birds by DanielaUhlig

Illustrations: birds

Plester The Elephant by Drew Hill Studio

Illustrations: Plester The Elephant

Cheetah by Dale Keys

Illustrations: Cheetah

3d Arts

Little Nautilus by Ralf Stumpf

3d arts: Little Nautilus

WWF Bluefin Tuna – Rhino by Thomas Mangold

3d arts: WWF Bluefin Tuna - Rhino

Art And Digital Art

Raccoon Love by Ariana Perez

art and digital art: Raccoon Love

VADER by Nicebleed

art and digital art: VADER

Swan Love by Ariana Perez

art and digital art: Swan Love

Wolf Child by Zach Terrell

art and digital art: Wolf Child

Charcoal experiment #6 by Olga Noes

art and digital art: Charcoal experiment #6


Lost and Found poster by Catherine Zolotukhina

Typography: Lost and Found poster

Anabelypster by Patrick Seymour

Typography: Anabelypster

Oh Please Don’t Read Me by Budiono Tri

Typography: Oh Please Don't Read Me

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 156 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 156


Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Farm by Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea

Advertising: Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Farm

Romanian Police: Ditch by Romanian Police

Advertising: Romanian Police: Ditch

Earth Day: Tree by DDB, Toronto, Canada

Advertising: Earth Day: Tree

Architecture And Design

Datong Art Museum by Foster + Partners

Architecture and design: Datong Art Museum

LA House by Studio Guilherme Torres

Architecture and design: LA House


Mammoth fisheye lens from the 1970s sells for L100,000 by Nikkor

Technology: Mammoth fisheye lens from the 1970s sells for L100,000

Louder than a Snake’s Hiss by Junonna Trotsiuk

Technology: Louder than a Snake's Hiss


mac app storm by Mac App Storm

Web: mac app storm

Interesting Article

The Barbatonics by Amaury Lemal

Interesting article: The Barbatonics


Template Flyer Lazy by Cyber 9 Pictures

freebies: Template Flyer Lazy

Free Font

Capital Daren Italic font by Jayvee D. Enaguas

Free font: Capital Daren Italic font


Arctic Motion by Tor Even Mathisen

Motion: Arctic Motion


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