Collection of Urban Decay Photography

The art is everywhere around us and even destroyed or worn out things may be appealing. I’m not saying for everyone, but surely for the ones who love untraditional art and look for inspiration everywhere. To be concrete, today my colleagues prepared a collection of urban decay photography. You’ll be able to see various destroyed exteriors and interiors … dirt, moisture and of course plenty of fungus :). Do not miss my favorites: Walls of wine by Sven Fennema, Une porte rouge by Bernat_83 and Crumlin Court – Belfast by Slinky2000. Enjoy!

forgotten by Sven Fennema


Eternal staircase by Alain Dejeaifve

Eternal staircase

the last drops are dried by Sven Fennema

the last drops are dried

walls of wine by Sven Fennema

walls of wine

Urban Decay 12 by Grigjr

Urban Decay 12

possibilities by Unkreatives


Urban Decay2 by Grigjr

Urban Decay2

Negative Light by Grigjr

Negative Light

Urban Decay5 by Grigjr

Urban Decay5

Urban Decay7 by Grigjr

Urban Decay7

Urban Decay 9 by Ghostrider-in-ze-sky

Urban Decay 9

Urban Decay 12 by Ghostrider-in-ze-sky

Urban Decay 12

Urban Decay 10 by Ghostrider-in-ze-sky

Urban Decay 10

urban decay by Http://

urban decay

Urban Decay: American Auto by Paperdolldreams

Urban Decay: American Auto

HK2009 – 12 by Daniel Y. Go

HK2009 - 12

une porte rouge by Bernat_83

une porte rouge

Crumlin Court – Belfast by Slinky2000

Crumlin Court - Belfast

Urban Decay by Reinkarnacja

Urban Decay

Urban Decay by Martin Zalba

Urban Decay

Urban Decay by _Blaster_

Urban Decay

Old shop by Zé Eduardo

Old shop

Demobilized by Beezqp


Door door door by Beezqp

Door door door

two stairways. 1 by Tommy-Noker

two stairways. 1

housing slump by Fahrmboy

housing slump

Urban decay by The-Egg

Urban decay

eggHDR0424 by The-Egg


eggshell0166 by The-Egg


egg4153 by The-Egg


The stamp factory by Sven Fennema

The stamp factory

bureau centrale by Sven Fennema

bureau centrale

forgotten tragedy by Sven Fennema

forgotten tragedy

DETENTION by Sven Fennema


the pastors chair by Sven Fennema

the pastors chair

Hardcore Chair for a Hardcore Place by (c.jones)

Hardcore Chair for a Hardcore Place

Eternal staircase by Alain Dejeaifve

Eternal staircase

craving for saviour by Sven Fennema

craving for saviour

Cinema Theater Varia by Martino ~ NL

Cinema Theater Varia

100 Abandoned Houses by Kevin Bauman

100 Abandoned Houses


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