Daily Inspirations no. 421

Today you may look forward another packed set of quality daily design inspirations. I am gonna prove that right away with several hot photos such as the Green Lantern by Roland Shainidze, Slowly Uncovered by Glyn Davies and Petra. Did you like that? Let’s move on. From today’s illustrations my pick is called Fa Mulan by Sakimichan … beautiful. In the art / digital art section there are several cool pieces such as the watercolor painting named Chlorophyll by Olga Noes or Breathe by Norman Duenas. Fans of architecture and wood will appreciate the Bal House by Terry & Terry Architecture few sections below. At the very end, we got a nice freebie for anyone in need of a cool dance flyer. Enjoy!


Paint Trails by Matthew Porteous

Photography: Paint Trails

Slowly Uncovered by Glyn Davies

Photography: Slowly Uncovered

Green Lantern by Roland Shainidze

Photography: Green Lantern

Sunset In Reeds by Andrzej Bochenski

Photography: Sunset In Reeds

Killer Loop by Ben Welsh

Photography: Killer Loop

one of us by Shannonblue

Photography: one of us

Petra by Unknown

Photography: Petra


Blood Divided by DanDosSantos

Illustrations: Blood Divided

Deep blue by Slide

Illustrations: Deep blue

Rune magic by KypcaHT

Illustrations: Rune magic

Fa Mulan by Sakimichan

Illustrations: Fa Mulan

golem “Valor” by Ketka

Illustrations: golem

Mer-Man by DaveRapoza

Illustrations: Mer-Man

3d Arts

Tesla by Toni Bratincevic

3d arts: Tesla

The albino warrior by Ali Zafati

3d arts: The albino warrior

Art And Digital Art

Bear by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

art and digital art: Bear

Chlorophyll by Olga Noes

art and digital art: Chlorophyll

Electric Flowers by Diamante Murru

art and digital art: Electric Flowers

Breathe by Norman Duenas

art and digital art: Breathe

Batman by Zach Terrell

art and digital art: Batman


Lettering by Catherine Zolotukhina

Typography: Lettering

Château Terre Bleue by BMD Design

Typography: Château Terre Bleue

Designer dream – Type experiment by Alice Donadoni

Typography: Designer dream - Type experiment

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 152 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 152


Nomad Skateboards: Zeppelin by Lola Madrid, Spain

Advertising: Nomad Skateboards: Zeppelin

Esch cafe: Churchill vs Hitler by Giovanni+Draftfcb, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Advertising: Esch cafe: Churchill vs Hitler

Panasonic Microwave: Cow by G2 Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advertising: Panasonic Microwave: Cow

Architecture And Design

Tower Studio by Saunders Architecture

Architecture and design: Tower Studio

Bal House by Terry & Terry Architecture

Architecture and design: Bal House


IKEA reveals KNÄPPA cardboard digital camera by IKEA

Technology: IKEA reveals KNÄPPA cardboard digital camera

Rimac now accepting reservations for 1,088 hp electric supercar by Rimac

Technology: Rimac now accepting reservations for 1,088 hp electric supercar


vector tuts plus by Vector Tuts Plus

Web: vector tuts plus

Interesting Article

Nature by Iwona Drozda-Sibeijn

Interesting article: Nature


Template Flyer Girl Dance by Cyber 9 Pictures

freebies: Template Flyer Girl Dance

Free Font

Therp font by Xerographer.com

Free font: Therp font


Inti-Nan by BabaBC

Motion: Inti-Nan


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