Daily Inspirations no. 420

Another day, another set of exceptional daily design inspirations. Let’s take a look together what kind of artworks did my colleagues prepare for us today. I would suggest to check Mesa Arch by Bill Church, Sunrise by Ryan Edy and the Red Smoke photography. Who would thought rough nature could be that beautiful in case of the last photo. In the illustrations section, there are plenty of amazing fantasy artworks …. gonna mention at least one of them – Death Knight by Slide. Few sections below, there is the art / digital art section which I never miss as there is always something to look at. This time, my favorites are the Lion #2 by Jenny Liz Rome and Johnny Depp by Clarae. We’ll stop in the ad section as well. There is an amazing artwork called Livrarias Curitiba: Apocalypse by Livrarias Curitiba. Better check that one out. If you’re looking for a nice futuristic / techno font, you’ll find a download link to Xero’s Theorem Regular at the bottom. Enjoy!


Poppies at Sunset by Albena Markova

Photography: Poppies at Sunset

Blue Sunrise by Jérôme Berbigier

Photography: Blue Sunrise

Mesa Arch by Bill Church

Photography: Mesa Arch

Sunrise by Ryan Edy

Photography: Sunrise

Seascape by George Gewinner

Photography: Seascape

Germination by Bailey Aro Photography

Photography: Germination

Red Smoke by Unknown

Photography: Red Smoke


Death Knight by Slide

Illustrations: Death Knight

Hot Dog by Tiago_Hoisel

Illustrations: Hot Dog

Magic the Gathering by Velinov

Illustrations: Magic the Gathering

Ruubgaal by ManiakS

Illustrations: Ruubgaal

But he’s always at the gym… by Wawawiwa Design

Illustrations: But he's always at the gym...

‘Ello, ‘ello, ello! by Monster Riot

Illustrations: 'Ello, 'ello, ello!

3d Arts

Queensblade by Bluenov

3d arts: Queensblade

Rocketeer by Fabricio Moraes

3d arts: Rocketeer

Art And Digital Art

Venom and Tears by Fresh Doodle – JP Valderrama

art and digital art: Venom and Tears


art and digital art: FOREST FRIENDS

Flora the Goddess of Flowers by Leilani Joy

art and digital art: Flora the Goddess of Flowers

Lion #2 by Jenny Liz Rome

art and digital art: Lion #2

Johnny Depp by Clarae

art and digital art: Johnny Depp




If it ain’t Alice, it ain’t dead. by Chris Piascik

Typography: If it ain't Alice, it ain't dead.

Alphabetcha (Letters) by Nathan Walker

Typography: Alphabetcha (Letters)

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 143 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 143


Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Grassland by Cheil Worldwide Seoul, South Korea

Advertising: Binggrae Banana flavored milk: Grassland

Livrarias Curitiba: Apocalypse by Livrarias Curitiba

Advertising: Livrarias Curitiba: Apocalypse

Beleza Natural: Enrolado by Percepttiva, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Advertising: Beleza Natural: Enrolado

Architecture And Design

Squish Studio by Saunders Architecture

Architecture and design: Squish Studio

Casa Finisterra � Luxury Crib in Mexico by Unknown

Architecture and design: Casa Finisterra � Luxury Crib in Mexico


A Bucket of Fresh Air by Ivan Colominas & Marco Fossati

Technology: A Bucket of Fresh Air

Aston Martin gets personal in Beijing by Aston Martin

Technology: Aston Martin gets personal in Beijing


psd tuts plus by Psd Tuts Plus

Web: psd tuts plus

Interesting Article

Alone by Achmad Kurniawan

Interesting article: Alone


Cubes Logo Reveal Pack by Balistique

freebies: Cubes Logo Reveal Pack

Free Font

Xero’s Theorem Regular by Donald Mastronarde And Marc Cogan

Free font: Xero's Theorem Regular


Getaway by Team Getaway

Motion: Getaway


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