Amazing Free Fonts

Although we bring one cool free font every single day in our daily design inspirations series, we decided to compile a fresh collection of hot free fonts that you guys may use in your projects. You may use them eather for personal or commercial purposes … just make sure to check the license. All these are a must-have for every designer … it’s a nice mix of various styles … from clean serif / sans serif fonts, through old school / retro fonts all the way to modern / futuristic ones. Ok guys, it’s time to update your font library .. now! .) Enjoy.

Metropolis 1920 by Josip Kelava

Metropolis 1920

Nougatine Font by Fabien Laborie

Nougatine Font

Bobber Typeface by Lucas Perdidao

Bobber Typeface

The Kabel Font by Mathias Nosel

The Kabel Font

Prosto font by Pavel Emelyanov

Prosto font

Forum by Denis Masharov


Bigmouth Free Font by Timo Kuilder

Bigmouth Free Font

Otama e.p. Typeface by Tim Donaldson

Otama e.p. Typeface

Kilogram by KalleGraphics


Infinity by Tarin Yuangtrakul


Nomed Font by Med Ness

Nomed Font

ORIGRAM Free Font by Nuno Dias


HYPED Free Font by Med Ness

HYPED Free Font

Lorena FREE FONT by Arnold Hoepker


Adamas Regular by Octavian Belintan

Adamas Regular

Villa Didot by Sascha Timplan

Villa Didot

TETRA by Alexey Frolov


CODE free font by Fontfabric

CODE free font

PLSTK – Free Font by Aesthetictherapie

PLSTK - Free Font

Pilaca Free Font by Pier Paolo

Pilaca Free Font

GRN Burgy by Marco Goran Romano

GRN Burgy

Hagin Serif by Fontfabric

Hagin Serif

St Marie by Sascha Timplan

St Marie

Absinthe – Free Font by Franck Trebillac

Absinthe - Free Font

Teardrop by Blastto


Oh! Mai Mai! by Jorge Artola

Oh! Mai Mai!

Free font VAL by Fontfabric

Free font VAL

QUB font by Adi Dizdarevic

QUB font

Five Minutes by Oleg Zhuravlev

Five Minutes

Free font Zag by Fontfabric

Free font Zag

TELÉFONO Free Font by Arnold Hoepker


Doughboy by Type Code


MOLESK font by Pedro Lobo


Typeface Adec by Serge Shi

Typeface Adec

Alt Matey Typeface by Andreas Leonidou

Alt Matey Typeface

Piron Free Font by Typedepot

Piron Free Font

Brava FREE Font by Alexey Frolov

Brava FREE Font

Broken Records by Timo Kuilder

Broken Records

Mod Gothic by Artem Sukhinin

Mod Gothic

Ribbon Typeface by Daniel Gneiding

Ribbon Typeface


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