Daily Inspirations no. 417

Friday again … can’t believe the time is flying so fast. At least we may look forward the upcoming weekend .). Today we’ll start with one cute photo … just check how pure squirrel love looks like in the photography titled Pure Love. There are more cool photos though … for example Seagulls II by Friederike Alexander or Land’s End by Mac Oller. That’s what’s called amazing view! From the illustrations section my today’s pick is no doubt the Niro caricature by Paul Hutchinson. Let’s move straight into the typography section now. I like the very first artwork called Beautiful by Wordboner. The ones into product design, and to be specific, furniture shouldn’t miss Soft Comfort by D-vision. How cool is that?! At the very end I thought I’ll throw something free in as well. In this case it’s an amazing business tri-fold brochure by Pixeden. Enjoy!


bellissima by Unknown

Photography: bellissima

Pure Love by Unknown

Photography: Pure Love

Leo by Unknown

Photography: Leo

yellow day by Bonnie Martin

Photography: yellow day

Seagulls II by Friederike Alexander

Photography: Seagulls II

Land’s End by Mac Oller

Photography: Land's End

Three Of a Kind by Igor Oussenko

Photography: Three Of a Kind


Velvet Black by Slide

Illustrations: Velvet Black

Eclipse dark creatures by Kila2109

Illustrations: Eclipse dark creatures

Deep Sky by Tiago_Hoisel

Illustrations: Deep Sky

Mother of Dragons by MichaelCHayes

Illustrations: Mother of Dragons

Caricature by Paul Hutchinson

Illustrations: Caricature

Personal illustrations by Lili Lu

Illustrations: Personal illustrations

3d Arts

Life in pink-Picnic Day by Flyingtuntun

3d arts: Life in pink-Picnic Day

Tiny TeamFortress 2 by SLiD3

3d arts: Tiny TeamFortress 2

Art And Digital Art


art and digital art: A CREATIVE DAY

Jon Snow – Game of Thrones by Fresh Doodle – JP Valderrama

art and digital art: Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Joy Ride by Nicebleed

art and digital art: Joy Ride

The last bee by Anne Angelshaug

art and digital art: The last bee

ANTIANTI by Michael Ostermann

art and digital art: ANTIANTI


Beautiful by Wordboner

Typography: Beautiful

Way Fresh by Landon Sheely

Typography: Way Fresh

Hello by Landon Sheely

Typography: Hello

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 102 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 102


Sharpie: Match by Giovanni+Draftfcb, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advertising: Sharpie: Match

AvioTur Tourism: Museum by Ageisobar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advertising: AvioTur Tourism: Museum

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Bear by Publicis, Montreal, Canada

Advertising: Jeep Grand Cherokee: Bear

Architecture And Design

Soft Comfort by D-vision

Architecture and design: Soft Comfort

One Foot in Front of Another by Luis Ribeiro

Architecture and design: One Foot in Front of Another


Urus concept signals Lamborghini’s (re)entry into luxury SUV segment by Lamborghini

Technology: Urus concept signals Lamborghini's (re)entry into luxury SUV segment

620 bhp Eterniti Hemera super-SUV production engineering prototype in Beijing by Infiniti

Technology: 620 bhp Eterniti Hemera super-SUV production engineering prototype in Beijing


moco loco by Moco Loco

Web: moco loco

Interesting Article

Dark Matter by Alexander Semenov

Interesting article: Dark Matter


Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Template by Pixeden

freebies: Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Template

Free Font

Adidas Unity font by Azmie

Free font: Adidas Unity font


Celestial Lights by Ole C. Salomonsen

Motion: Celestial Lights


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