Daily Inspirations no. 416

Today we’re featuring a strong photography collection as is seems in our daily inspirations series. There are several photos I love … the first one is the cat artwork called Attenzione. The other one is right below, it’s a beautiful black female model portrait … very artistic. Got to scroll back, as the third one I like is actually the very first one .) it’s Natasha by Sasha Larina. Now I’ll move right into the art / digital art section. Make sure to check the Voodoo Child III by Mantra Ardhana up here. If you like 3d artworks and logo design … do not miss today’s logo design section. At the end, I need to mention we got a nice WP theme at the very bottom … of course free of charge! Enjoy .)


Natasha by Sasha Larina

Photography: Natasha

attenzione by Unknown

Photography: attenzione

Beauty by Unknown

Photography: Beauty

Paw Prints by Carolyn Cochrane

Photography: Paw Prints

Rejuvenate by JA DiGuglielmo

Photography: Rejuvenate

Symmetries by Mathias Guillin

Photography: Symmetries

Flower Power by Florian Mueller

Photography: Flower Power


elf by Goldenrod

Illustrations: elf

Bury Elminster Deep by Kekai

Illustrations: Bury Elminster Deep

Artemis by MichaelCHayes

Illustrations: Artemis

Early Bloom by BobbyChiu

Illustrations: Early Bloom

John Carter – Character Design and Concept Art by Michael Kutsche

Illustrations: John Carter - Character Design and Concept Art

Digital Paintings & Illustrations by Daniel Djanie

Illustrations: Digital Paintings & Illustrations

3d Arts

Photomaton by Flyingtuntun

3d arts: Photomaton

Shane Hillman’s Hugo by SLiD3

3d arts: Shane Hillman's Hugo

Art And Digital Art

Panda by Panda

art and digital art: Panda

Voodoo Child III by Mantra Ardhana

art and digital art: Voodoo Child III


art and digital art: Almost Blue

Rabbits 2011 by Mirosedina

art and digital art: Rabbits 2011

Shadow by Rook Floro

art and digital art: Shadow


Miss the Horseshit by Chris Piascik

Typography: Miss the Horseshit

bowler hat by Monster Riot

Typography: bowler hat

I Heart Tetris by Tshirtbaba

Typography: I Heart Tetris

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 99 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 99


Vila Olimpica Gym: Be independent, Morena by Agencia Mood, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advertising: Vila Olimpica Gym: Be independent, Morena

A&A Furnishers: Milly by Canvas, Cape Town, South Africa

Advertising: A&A Furnishers: Milly

AvioTur Tourism: Alley by Ageisobar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Advertising: AvioTur Tourism: Alley

Architecture And Design

Marina Living Done Right by Hyun-Seok Kim

Architecture and design: Marina Living Done Right

Virginia Institute for Contemporary Art by Steven Holl

Architecture and design: Virginia Institute for Contemporary Art


Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond – chauffeured luxury by Mercedes-Benz

Technology: Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond - chauffeured luxury

The Super SUV class emerges – four Super-SUVs break cover in one day by Bentley


gig posters by Gig Posters

Web: gig posters

Interesting Article

Prints 2012 by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

Interesting article: Prints 2012


The Time premium theme by Moonthemes

freebies: The Time premium theme

Free Font

Feena Casual font by ZETAfonts

Free font: Feena Casual font


Somewhere by Miadox

Motion: Somewhere


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