Daily Inspirations no. 415

Paris is one of the most romantic cities from all around the World … let’s start with a nice photo from there .) Check Yellow Eiffel by Edi Nugraha … majestic! Romance and beauty go along, so guys .. why not checking few nice model photos? .) Don’t miss Margarita Pugovka by Sergi Jasanada and Great Comeback by Aleksandra Zaborowska. From the illustrations section it’s the Laurel and Hardy caricature by Paul Hutchinson I like the most. Good job Paul! Not sure what to highlight from the art / digital art section though .. there are several candidates. Vanity Verde by Leilani Joy is so colorful and unique. The ones looking for a nice gothic navi bar … look no further … we got a nice one in our freebie section. Enjoy!


Yellow Eiffel by Edi Nugraha

Photography: Yellow Eiffel

pinguin walk by Unknown

Photography: pinguin walk

Love by Unknown

Photography: Love

pick me by Shannonblue

Photography: pick me

come away with me by Sylvia Cook Photography

Photography: come away with me



GREAT COMEBACK by Aleksandra Zaborowska



Noxel Shroudhaggle by Faxtar

Illustrations: Noxel Shroudhaggle

Nezha by Yangqi917

Illustrations: Nezha

Carrot Trap by BenHickling

Illustrations: Carrot Trap

Light As A Feather by Wakkawa

Illustrations: Light As A Feather

Caricature by Paul Hutchinson

Illustrations: Caricature

Caricatures by Ioana Antonov

Illustrations: Caricatures

3d Arts

LEGO Batman by Albert Co

3d arts: LEGO Batman

The Mouse That Soared by JoeBeckley

3d arts: The Mouse That Soared

Art And Digital Art

Pop by KunstFabrik_StaticMovement Manu Jobst

art and digital art: Pop

Castle in the Trees by Rachel Caldwell

art and digital art: Castle in the Trees

Vanity Verde by Leilani Joy

art and digital art: Vanity Verde

Citrine by NastPlas

art and digital art: Citrine

MO x RYAN DOCO CONNORS by Michael Ostermann

art and digital art: MO x RYAN DOCO CONNORS


Rock ‘N’ Roll will be Gone by Chris Piascik

Typography: Rock 'N' Roll will be Gone

Grow Where You Are Planted by Matthew Taylor Wilson

Typography: Grow Where You Are Planted

Not bad by Chris Piascik

Typography: Not bad

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 93 by Logoidol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 93


PUMA Mercedes AMG Collab: Rosberg by Puma

Advertising: PUMA Mercedes AMG Collab: Rosberg

Best Friends, Fix at Four: Oops by TM, USA

Advertising: Best Friends, Fix at Four: Oops

Heineken: The book by Heineken

Advertising: Heineken: The book

Architecture And Design

If Decepticons Had Furniture by Tieme Rietveld & Codex Inferno

Architecture and design: If Decepticons Had Furniture

Lighting to Howl About by In-es.artdesign

Architecture and design: Lighting to Howl About


Peugeot unveils compact Urban Crossover Concept in Beijing by Peugeot

Technology: Peugeot unveils compact=

Hörbert is a wooden MP3 player designed for kids by Hörbert

Technology: Hörbert is a wooden MP3 player designed for kids


stationery style by Stationery Style

Web: stationery style

Interesting Article

Fairy Tales by Anton Semenov

Interesting article: Fairy Tales


Grunge / Gothic Navigation Menu by Free PSD Files

freebies: Grunge / Gothic Navigation Menu

Free Font

WendelinHalbfettKursiv font by IngoFont

Free font: WendelinHalbfettKursiv font


ALPHABETIC by BlinkmyBrain



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