Daily Inspirations no. 408

Hi guys! It’s Monday and if you didn’t party too hard you should be relaxed and ready for new set of quality design inspirations I am about to present. As usual we’ll be starting with several nice photos … is a hard choice to pick one or two of them, as every single one deserves to be featured. Anyway, make sure to check the amazing ice cold nature photo called Transmission by Karsten Wrobel. The other one I like a lot is the girl with freckles … unfortunately we couldn’t find the author, but I am sure you’ll forgive us :). We got some cool illustrations right below as well. I’ll pick just one of them .. simply because it’s very unique, and that’s what counts when speaking of inspiration. The artwork is called Unwritten by Jacques Marcotte. I bet you like it! My favorite section, typography brought us three cool artworks. The middle one is my favorite. At the very end, make sure to check today’s freebie … a nice party flyer. Enjoy!


Transmission by Karsten Wrobel

Photography: Transmission

*** by Maryam Zahirimehr

Photography: ***

Queen of Spring by Bomobob

Photography: Queen of Spring

Girl by Unknown

Photography: Girl

xenia deli by Unknown

Photography: xenia deli

Toby the young Bonobo by Wood-n-Images

Photography: Toby the young Bonobo

bloom by Bonnie Martin

Photography: bloom


Soul Born by Dan DosSantos

Illustrations: Soul Born

Cat char by Birdba

Illustrations: Cat char

The Tech by Sakimichan

Illustrations: The Tech

Unwritten by Jacques Marcotte

Illustrations: Unwritten

Heavy Metal Devil by John Schwegel

Illustrations: Heavy Metal Devil

Mine! by Wawawiwa Design

Illustrations: Mine!

3d Arts

Elk Hair Caddis – Series Ms. Fox by Storm

3d arts: Elk Hair Caddis - Series Ms. Fox

The Shooter by Tiago_Hoisel

3d arts: The Shooter

Art And Digital Art

layers by LeslieAnnODell

art and digital art: layers

TRIWA by Fredrik Ödman

art and digital art: TRIWA

New Homes by David Sandell

art and digital art: New Homes

Temptation… by Matariil

art and digital art: Temptation...

Love Is a Mix tape by J. Luna

art and digital art: Love Is a Mix tape


Draggin’ Me Down by Chris Piascik

Typography: Draggin' Me Down

SMILE & SHINE by Dzeri29

Typography: SMILE & SHINE

WTF is going on? by Nicebleed

Typography: WTF is going on?

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 35 by LogoIdol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 35


Restaura Car Cleaning: Yogurt by Hermandad, Brazil

Advertising: Restaura Car Cleaning: Yogurt

Colgate: Advanced Whitening by Ikpin, Malaysia

Advertising: Colgate: Advanced Whitening

Sky: Pirates of Christmas by 1861 United, Milan, Italy

Advertising: Sky: Pirates of Christmas

Architecture And Design

Nieuwegein City Hall and Cultural Center by 3XN Architects

Architecture and design: Nieuwegein City Hall and Cultural Center

Beach and Howe Tower in Vancouver by BIG

Architecture and design: Beach and Howe Tower in Vancouver


Analog + Digital = Fusion Phone by Jaime Hayon & Iida

Technology: Analog + Digital = Fusion Phone

BMW Exclusive by Sonny Lim

Technology: BMW Exclusive


soulpancake by Soulpancake

Web: soulpancake

Interesting Article

Cool web elements and graphics by Inspirefirst

Interesting article: Cool web elements and graphics


Urban Party Music by ScorpiosGraphx

freebies: Urban Party Music

Free Font

Titan One font by Rodrigo Fuenzalida

Free font: Titan One font


BIRDMEN: The Original Dream of Flight TRAILER by Team Thirteen

Motion: BIRDMEN: The Original Dream of Flight TRAILER


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