Daily Inspirations no. 404

Today as every single day, we’re bringing you a mixture of various quality artworks for you to get inspired. I am sure you’re already curious what did out team put together. So, let’s take a closer look. My personal picks from the photography section are the very first two photos. I’m speaking about the baseball player and the calm full moon photo by Nicolai Perjesi. The section right below dedicated to illustrations brought us several cool artworks. The first one that deserves your attention is called Repressed by Jennifer Healy. I kind of like the Mermaid Pin-Up by Roberto Pena as well. The ones into traditional art such as paintings, should take a closer look at Stardust* by J. Luna. Web designers and programmers may look forward a nice jQuery banner / ad rotator by Coding Jack. Enjoy!


Portfolio by Mike Powell

Photography: Portfolio

Full Moon by Nicolai Perjesi

Photography: Full Moon

Liquids by Danny Eastwood

Photography: Liquids

The Borobudur Temple by Hengki Koentjoro

Photography: The Borobudur Temple



Blue Highway by Daniele Lisi

Photography: Blue Highway

bright-eyed by Shannonblue

Photography: bright-eyed


Good Morning Beautiful by Andreas Preis

Illustrations: Good Morning Beautiful

COCA-COLA by Raul Urias

Illustrations: COCA-COLA

Special Recipes by Miriam Moshinsky

Illustrations: Special Recipes

Repressed by JenniferHealy

Illustrations: Repressed

Mermaid Pin-Up by Roberto Pena

Illustrations: Mermaid Pin-Up

Creature from the Abyss by Joel Hustak

Illustrations: Creature from the Abyss

3d Arts

Killstrike Unleashed by Joe Beckley

3d arts: Killstrike Unleashed

Character Design by Nicolas Lesaffre

3d arts: Character Design

Art And Digital Art

Acrylics & Mixed media by Zan Von Zed

art and digital art: Acrylics & Mixed media

Once Were Warriors by Dr. Lukas Brezak

art and digital art: Once Were Warriors


art and digital art: HYSTERICAL HISTORY

THE NEW YORKER by Laura Laine

art and digital art: THE NEW YORKER

Stardust* by J. Luna

art and digital art: Stardust*


GOOFY by Athur Sinai

Typography: GOOFY

Typography 001. by Peter Tarka

Typography: Typography 001.

Qalto typeface by Áron Jancsó

Typography: Qalto typeface

Cool Logo Design

Logo design nr. 285 by LogoIdol

Cool logo design: Logo design nr. 285


Hankook Tire: Rain by Innocean Worldwide Seoul, Korea

Advertising: Hankook Tire: Rain

Bay Insaat / 42 Maslak: Artful Construction by TBWA / Istanbul, Turkey

Advertising: Bay Insaat / 42 Maslak: Artful Construction

Colsubsidio Book Exchange: Snow white and Sherlock Holmes by Lowe/SSP3, Colombia

Advertising: Colsubsidio Book Exchange: Snow white and Sherlock Holmes

Architecture And Design

Sleek Minimal Apartment by Tamizo

Architecture and design: Sleek Minimal Apartment

Stockholm Waterfront by White Arkitekter

Architecture and design: Stockholm Waterfront


Dream Beemer by Feliciano Ruy-Díaz

Technology: Dream Beemer

Aramid/carbon-framed X-9 Nighthawk looks like the stealth fighter of bicycles by Braòo Mere

Technology: Aramid/carbon-framed X-9 Nighthawk looks like the stealth fighter of bicycles


LogoIdol by LogoIdol

Web: LogoIdol

Interesting Article

Something About Women by Peony Yip

Interesting article: Something About Women


CJ Shuffle – A jQuery Banner/Ad Rotator by CodingJack

freebies: CJ Shuffle - A jQuery Banner/Ad Rotator

Free Font

Great Vibes font by Robert E. Leuschke

Free font: Great Vibes font


Good Books – Metamorphosis by Buck

Motion: Good Books - Metamorphosis


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