Daily Inspirations no. 403

There are exactly three photos I am gonna highlight today. We’ll have one beauty, one animal and one sport representative. Now buckle up and enjoy the ride! The same as yesterday we’re presenting an amazing horse photo by Andrey Vasilyev. The second featured photo is by Carsten Witte. If you remember we did an interview with this talented photographer few years back. Anyway, check his More Beauty photo … it’s totally worth it. And the sport representative mentioned is by Justin Bettman called Fall 2011. That’s something for all the skateboarders out there. Now let’s move one section down. My favorite from today’s illustrations is without a doubt Eternal Love by Dzeri29. If you were scrolling through our yesterday’s set, you noticed we featured Raphael Vicenzi. Let’s repeat that today .. make sure to check his 2012. You’ll find it in the art / digital art section at the very bottom. There are some nice ads available today as well. When I have to make my choice between the three featured, it would be the UniverCell: Messi by JWT, Bangalore, India. Love the soccer idea. If you’re waiting for today’s freebie only … there is a nice detailed 3d splash at the bottom. Enjoy!


Highlands by Akos Major

Photography: Highlands

Widowmaker by Joanna Kustra

Photography: Widowmaker

WTR2CPS by Akos Major

Photography: WTR2CPS

Horses by Andrey Vasilyev

Photography: Horses

More Beauty by Carsten Witte

Photography: More Beauty

Random Scapes by Recluta Patoso

Photography: Random Scapes

Fall 2011 by Justin Bettman

Photography: Fall 2011


Eternal Love by Dzeri29

Illustrations: Eternal Love

Our Lady of Guadalupe by Tim Shumate

Illustrations: Our Lady of Guadalupe

General Portfolio by Lee Hasler

Illustrations: General Portfolio

DC COMICS by Juan Doe

Illustrations: DC COMICS

Red Dragon by Kekai

Illustrations: Red Dragon

Qui-Gon Jinn and young Obi-Wan Kenobi by playerjoe

Illustrations: Qui-Gon Jinn and young Obi-Wan Kenobi

3d Arts

Monastery by Franc

3d arts: Monastery

Alien soldier by TARGETE

3d arts: Alien soldier

Art And Digital Art

ilustreishnzz by Dmitry Ligay

art and digital art: ilustreishnzz

KISS OF A PANDA by Robert Farkas

art and digital art: KISS OF A PANDA

Portraits in Ink and Tea by Carne Griffiths

art and digital art: Portraits in Ink and Tea

SWEET LIKE HONEY by Isabel Arenas

art and digital art: SWEET LIKE HONEY

2012 by Raphael Vicenzi

art and digital art: 2012


let’s run away by Shannonblue

Typography: let's run away

Idiot Commodity by Chris Piascik

Typography: Idiot Commodity

Reach for the Sky by Nikoby

Typography: Reach for the Sky

Cool Logo Design

Eight by mariagroenlund

Cool logo design: Eight


Marmaluzi Baby Food: Carrot or The CarrotWolf by Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius, Lithuania

Advertising: Marmaluzi Baby Food: Carrot or The CarrotWolf

UniverCell: Messi by JWT, Bangalore, India

Advertising: UniverCell: Messi

Jam La Vieja Fabrica: Pineapple by Tapsa, Madrid, Spain

Advertising: Jam La Vieja Fabrica: Pineapple

Architecture And Design

Modern Meets Vintage by Diesel & Foscarini

Architecture and design: Modern Meets Vintage

Architecture: Old Barn Transformed by Tim Van de Velde

Architecture and design: Architecture: Old Barn Transformed


Minimal Twist on the Hubless by Jose Hurtado

Technology: Minimal Twist on the Hubless

The Four Concept by Marko Vuckovic

Technology: The Four Concept


Kontra Plan by Kontra Plan

Web: Kontra Plan

Interesting Article

Sexy drawings by Masaki Mizuno

Interesting article: Sexy drawings


Highly detailed 3D paint splash by deree

freebies: Highly detailed 3D paint splash

Free Font

lerotica-regular font by deFharo.com

Free font: lerotica-regular font


MiniLook Kiev by by threeshot

Motion: MiniLook Kiev


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