50 Photos of the Day by National Geographic vol. 6

Yes, it’s already the 6th edition of 50 photos of the day by National Geographic we’ll be presenting on Cruzine. At first we thought we’ll give it a try, but since you all love Nat Geo, we decided to continue and now we try to deliver one such set every single week. Well, we all know National Geographic photos are unrivaled … so no wonder you like it so much. Let’s take a look at the highlights. It’s hard to pick something from these, as all them them are brilliant … you can imagine how many photos enter this competition every single day. These 50 are already filtered down from 1000′s of photos. But hey, we’ll give it a try. I like the Horses, Montana by William Albert Allard, Birds Sitting in the Fog by Roger Becker, Skunk Clownfish and Sea Anemone by David Doubilet, Sooty Albatross, South Georgia by Paul Nicklen and the Licancabur Volcano by Hugo Machado. I would be glad to hear your voice on what you like … so don’t hesitate and drop us a comment after you’ll go through this beautiful collection. Enjoy!

Field, Scotland by David Shields

Field, Scotland

Taksim Square, Istanbul by Martin Roemers

Taksim Square, Istanbul

Sled Dogs, Greenland by Fritz Hoffmann

Sled Dogs, Greenland

Aspen Leaf by Peter Essick

Aspen Leaf

Fraser Island, Australia by Peter Essick

Fraser Island, Australia

Flamingo Chicks, Mexico by Klaus Nigge

Flamingo Chicks, Mexico

Coral Reef, Red Sea by Thomas P. Peschak

Coral Reef, Red Sea

Quiver Trees, Namibia by Frans Lanting

Quiver Trees, Namibia

Horses, Montana by William Albert Allard

Horses, Montana

Peatland, Australia by Peter Essick

Peatland, Australia

Rhinoceros, South Africa by Brent Stirton

Rhinoceros, South Africa

Hot Springs, East Africa by George Steinmetz

Hot Springs, East Africa

Horses, Mongolian Steppe by Mark Leong

Horses, Mongolian Steppe

Birds Sitting in the Fog by Roger Becker

Birds Sitting in the Fog

Two Blue Herons by Jack Levy

Two Blue Herons

Black Skimmer by Mario Goren

Black Skimmer

Lightning, Cape Town by Warren Tyrer

Lightning, Cape Town

Dead Sea by Paolo Pellegrin

Dead Sea

Kashgar, China by Carolyn Drake

Kashgar, China

Hadza Dance, Tanzania by Martin Schoeller

Hadza Dance, Tanzania

Australian Sundew by Helene Schmitz

Australian Sundew

Hamar Girl, Ethiopia by Randy Olson

Hamar Girl, Ethiopia

Sheep, Scotland by Jim Richardson

Sheep, Scotland

Skunk Clownfish and Sea Anemone by David Doubilet

Skunk Clownfish and Sea Anemone

Puffin, Shiant Islands by Jim Richardson

Puffin, Shiant Islands

Sea Stacks, Outer Hebrides by Jim Richardson

Sea Stacks, Outer Hebrides

Young Indian Nomad by Steve McCurry

Young Indian Nomad

Nasca Lines, Peru by Robert Clark

Nasca Lines, Peru

Simonos Petras Monastery by Travis Dove

Simonos Petras Monastery

Pollen on Geranium Stigma by Martin Oeggerli

Pollen on Geranium Stigma

Eastern Orthodox Christian Monks by National Geographic Magazine Features

Eastern Orthodox Christian Monks

Sooty Albatross, South Georgia by Paul Nicklen

Sooty Albatross, South Georgia

Hadza Man, Tanzania by Martin Schoeller

Hadza Man, Tanzania

Humpback Whale, Chatham Strait by Coy Aune

Humpback Whale, Chatham Strait

Mandarin Ducks, National Zoo by Michael Schmidt

Mandarin Ducks, National Zoo

Lion, South Africa by Barbara Motter

Lion, South Africa

Barracuda, Bismarck Sea by David Doubilet

Barracuda, Bismarck Sea

Brown Vine Snake, Panama by Andrew Carrano

Brown Vine Snake, Panama

Goat, North India by Svetlana Eremina

Goat, North India

Red Foxes, Delaware by Sean Crane

Red Foxes, Delaware

Lowland Gorillas, Bronx Zoo by Richard Conde

Lowland Gorillas, Bronx Zoo

Zebras, Kenya by Susan Michel

Zebras, Kenya

Lion Brothers by Neal Lillis

Lion Brothers

Eagles in Flight by Glen Hush

Eagles in Flight

Demsa Dancer, India by Kieron Nelson

Demsa Dancer, India

Curled Fern Leaf by Chris Durietz

Curled Fern Leaf

Licancabur Volcano by Hugo Machado

Licancabur Volcano

Hidden Face by Drussawin Leepaisal

Hidden Face

Lake Ohrid Dock Remains by Dimitar Chungovski

Lake Ohrid Dock Remains

Rialto Bridge, Venice by Peter Geller

Rialto Bridge, Venice


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