Daily Inspirations no. 396

Let’s warm up a bit with a nice spring photo full of sunshine and beautiful wild flowers .). Artwork is called Tuscan meadow and was shot by Czech photographer Daniel Řeřicha. There is one more photo I’ll be featuring in this intro … it’s gonna be the monkey photography by Milan Hospodka. The young one looks kind of cute. We got some nice illustrations below as well. The last one though called Sidoine is unrivaled. Found my personal favorite in the art / digital art as well … it’s the The Little Match Girl by Fabrice Backès. Love the style and detail. Did you read the book btw? The ones loving retro poster design shouldn’t miss the Hertz: Land & Drive advertisement by DDB. Looks very cool. As every day, we have a nice freebie available … this time it’s a retro style poster / performance invitation. Enjoy … and get inspired .).


Photo by unknown


Tuscan meadow by Daniel Řeřicha

Tuscan meadow

Peek a boo by Shikhei Goh

Peek a boo

Yosemite Moonbow by Jim Goldstein

Yosemite Moonbow

Monkeys by Milan Hospodka


Gods and Monsters by Geoffrey Agrons

Gods and Monsters

Caffè in Red by Anna Andretta

Caffè in Red


Shades of Red by Bao Pham

Shades of Red

Pop Monk vintage by Exit Man

Pop Monk vintage

Sea Mutant by derricksong

Sea Mutant

Monster-01 by Gokce Gurellier


cruel.. by LAMBUJA!


sidoine by unknown


3d Arts

knock knock by Andrzej Kuziola

knock knock

Monster Portrait by cleber_sc4

Monster Portrait

Art and Digital Art

Thriller by A_Daydreamer


The Little Match Girl by Fabrice Backès

The Little Match Girl

Touch Me I’m Lovely by Soleil Ignacio

Touch Me I’m Lovely

JABBERWOCKY by Rodney Matthews


Ebb and Flow by Sarah Joncast

Ebb and Flow


Not Typography by Chris Piascik

Not Typography

Reptilians, Reptoids, Lizard Men by Chris Piascik

Reptilians, Reptoids, Lizard Men

The Greatest Tool On Earth by Jeff Barra

The Greatest Tool On Earth

Cool Logo Design

Impala by Jan Meeus



Hertz: Land & Drive by DDB

Hertz: Land & Drive

Oral-B: Vegetable by Ogilvy & Mather

Oral-B: Vegetable

Wonderbra Bellinda: Motorbike by TBWA

Wonderbra Bellinda: Motorbike

Architecture and Design

Beautiful Living Room Collection by Huelsta

Beautiful Living Room Collection

Pureness lamp by Simone Savini

Pureness lamp


Less is More timepiece by Felix Runde

Less is More timepiece

Ferruccio concept by Mark Hostler

Ferruccio concept


Wow Vectors

Wow Vectors

Interesting Article

Owl City by Teodoru Badiu

Owl City by Teodoru Badiu


Indie Club Singer Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes

Indie Club Singer Flyer Template

Download Flyer Template

Free Font

British pop Music

British pop Music


Keaton Henson – Small Hands by Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson - Small Hands


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