Wilderness: Amazing Animal Photography Showcase

It’s been ages since we published our last animal photography showcase. So it’s about time to fix that. For today, we prepared the BEST animal photo collection ever! Most of the animals are from the wilderness. You’ll find zebras, lions, tigers, sloths and many different ones. Love the praying otter btw …. photo called Forgiveness by Marac Kolodzinski. Guy got pretty lucky or had tons of patience to capture that. That photo was shot in the Whipsnade Zoo … one of few photos actually taken in captivity in this collection. Anyway, enjoy today’s collection and feel free to drop us a comment or two.

Tanzania / Botswana ~ Africa by Justin Carrasquillo

Tanzania / Botswana ~ Africa

Tanzania / Botswana ~ Africa

Tanzania / Botswana ~ Africa

Hestar / Horses by Daniel Harðarson

Hestar / Horses

Hestar / Horses

Photography by Jason Armstrong






African … by Mario Moreno

African …

Just Chilling by Mario Moreno

Just Chilling

Year of the Dragon by Paul Garrett

Year of the Dragon

Get out! This is my place! by Pedro Henrique Evangelista

Get out! This is my place!

Hyena Pups by David Lloyd

Hyena Pups

Just say ‘ah!’ by Jules Cox

Just say ah!

Formica rufa by Dusan Beno

Formica rufa

Qannik! by C.S. Drake


Sleep time by Andy Rouse

Sleep time

Autumn’s Song by Jules Cox

Autumn’s Song

The Questioning Mind by Ashley Vincent

The Questioning Mind

F 2.8 by Marco Milanesi

F 2.8

Oops by Marsel van Oosten


The Godfather by peter delaney

The Godfather

I`ve loved you by Gleb Skrebets

I`ve loved you

Forgiveness by Marac Kolodzinski


Pijama party by Giulio Zanni

Pijama party

Wild Safari by Marina Cano

Wild Safari

Snow Day by John Haig

Snow Day

Gotta clean those Ears by Roeselien Raimond

Gotta clean those Ears

A very long search by Mathilde Guillemot

A very long search

Photo by B- FOTO


Super wide Cheetah Portrait by Richard Costin

Super wide Cheetah Portrait

wolf… by Irina Mastalyarchuk


Am Oystercatcher Squabble by Marina Scarr

Am Oystercatcher Squabble

Rush hour by Giulio Zanni

Rush hour

Zen Fox by Roeselien Raimond

Zen Fox

a la Rodin by sergei gladyshev

a la Rodin

Guinean turaco 2 by sergei gladyshev

Guinean turaco 2

Rosette-Nosed Chameleon by unknown

Rosette-Nosed Chameleon

Photo by Irawan Subingar


Silver red fox by unknown

Silver red fox

sunbathing by Fajar Andriyanto


African Pigs by Amanda Kopp

African Pigs

From a smile everything will brighten by Luiza Gelts

From a smile everything will brighten

Hello by Gleb Skrebets


Jellyfish by Brian Nelson


I’m A Fountain ! by Mario Moreno

I’m A Fountain !

After the rain by YaYa Gonohe

After the rain

Dog pyramid by Ksenia Raykova

Dog pyramid

Protective Custody by Ashley Vincent

Protective Custody

Bradypus tridactylus by Nicolas R.B.

Bradypus tridactylus

The Stampede by Andrew Aveley

The Stampede

Wild Monkeys at Chamundi Hills, India by Pat Tapia

Wild Monkeys at Chamundi Hills, India

Hyla arborea by Antonio Marques

Hyla arborea

Laughing by Laura BC


Final Post From The Backyard by Laura BC

Final Post From The Backyard


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