Daily Inspirations no. 390

After yesterday’s set one would think it couldn’t get any better. From my point of view though, today’s collection is at least as good as the one yesterday if not even better. So guys, you may start looking forward quality stuff devided into several categories, as you’re already used to. Let’s take a closer look what we got.

Right the very first photo is amazing featuring lonely and obviously desperate child. It’s called HOPE and it was shot by Glenn Batkin. Few photos below, there is a nice golden monkey sitting on a pole. Kim Cherl did a good job. From today’s illustrations my pick is no doubt the Gravity by Charlie Bowater and the owl tree underneath by Eric Fan called The Night Gardener. In the art / digital art section there are at least four artworks that caught my attention. Gonna mention two of them I like the most. It’s Sea Gal by Jen Mann and Every Path by Ruben Ireland. In the typography section, do not dare to miss the Placement coasters by Atentadado Digital. I know we already featured ribbons in our freebie section, but a new set won’t hurt … if interested get the PSD ribbons by freepsdfiles. Hopefully you’ll enjoy today’s collection … and do not forget to get inspired! :)


HOPE by glenn batkin


Photo by Jenny Harmsen


Golden monkey by IN CHERL KIM

Golden monkey

Raw power by Jorge Maia

Raw power

Sunshine by Alisdair Miller


Photo by hoangnamphoto


Photo by alexandrdeviant



Work by Randy Otter


Requiem by Hong Kuang


gravity by Charlie Bowater


The Night Gardener by Eric Fan

The Night Gardener

Monster-02 by Gokce Gurellier


Teardrop by ruoxing zhang


3d Arts

Gorilla vs Tiger by Damian Buzugbe

Gorilla vs Tiger

Owl by Weiye Yin


Art and Digital Art

summer cicadas by Teagan White

summer cicadas

Work by Edouard Martinet


Circle of Friends by Jim Warren

Circle of Friends

Sea Gal by Jen Mann

Sea Gal

Every Path by Ruben Ireland

Every Path


Doing it Wrong by Chris Piascik

Doing it Wrong

Goodbye by Sarajea


placement coasters by atentadado digital

placement coasters

Cool Logo Design

Kiri Te by logtek

Kiri Te


Atlanta History Center: Darkest secrets by The Creative Circus

Atlanta History Center: Darkest secrets

Sportweek magazine, La Gazzetta dello Sport: Basketball by Publicis

Sportweek magazine, La Gazzetta dello Sport: Basketball

Playboy SA: Deforestation by Y&R

Playboy SA: Deforestation

Architecture and Design

Hermitage Plaza by Foster + Partners

Hermitage Plaza

Table Vic by Elemento Diseño

Table Vic


Cross Coupe by Volkswagen

Cross Coupe

ELUGA by Panasonic



Free Vector Archive

Free Vector Archive

Interesting Article

Portraits of Aging Farm Animals

Portraits of Aging Farm Animals


5 Free PSD Ribbons by freepsdfiles

5 Free PSD Ribbons

Download PSD Ribbons

Free Font




Divers (Short Animation) by Paris M.

Divers (Short Animation)


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