Daily Inspirations no. 388

The last day in office this week … we may slowly start looking forward a weekend full of sunshine. At least here .). Anyway, before we hit it, let’s take a look what’s new in the creative world. In the photography section, I would like to highlight two animal photos. The first one featuring a giraffe by Klaus Wiese called Kiss me!. The other one is from animal world as well. This time it’s featuring bunch of obviously talented pelikans :) – artwork is called Pelikan concerto and it was shot by B. Yves. Of course we didn’t forget about quality illustrations. My picks from today’s set is the cute illustration by Heng Swee Lim called Get well soon. That was a great way how to connect two things women love … flowers and pets :). The other one I like is kind of cool … called heartBEAT and it’s from Dzeri29. The ones who like traditional art and paintings especially shouldn’t miss A Hunger That Will Not Go Away by Miggy Borja. Love the color choice. One artwork from the typography section caught my attention, where typography and 3d artworks merge into one. It’s called WOOD 3D Typography by Dorota Grabkowska. When you ask what’s up with today’s freebies … guys, you know we couldn’t forget about that. No way! Today, there are some cool social icons available. To be concrete, it’s called Isometric 3D Social Icons Set. Enjoy our inspirations … as well as the upcoming weekend .).


Kiss me! by Klaus Wiese

Kiss me!

stunning by unknown


Photo by unknown


Photo by unknown


Navigare necesse est… by Pawel Kucharski

Navigare necesse est...

Last light by David Keochkerian

Last light

Pelikan concerto by b. yves

Pelikan concerto


King of Beasts by Daryl Mandryk

King of Beasts

Get well soon by Heng Swee Lim

Get well soon

the wipe by Daryl Mandryk

the wipe

heartBEAT by Dzeri29


Thor – Frost Giant Concept 2 by Michael Kutsche

Thor - Frost Giant Concept 2

Eiang by Bao Pham


3d Arts

The Rise of Atlantis by Charlotte Dark

The Rise of Atlantis

Coca-Cola by Pedro Conti


Art and Digital Art

Luna Lights by Brenda Ferrimani

Luna Lights

Una by Michael Shapcott


Butthead by Bob Dob


A Hunger That Will Not Go Away by Miggy Borja

A Hunger That Will Not Go Away

Mountain King by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Mountain King


NVidia by Anton Shilinets


WOOD 3D Typography by Dorota Grabkowska

WOOD 3D Typography

Coffee avenue @ olives cafe by Roman Kirichenko

Coffee avenue @ olives cafe

Cool Logo Design

Mangioni Pizzeria A by Joel Messner

Mangioni Pizzeria A


PPC Cement: Optimus Prime by The Jupiter Drawing Room

PPC Cement: Optimus Prime

Heineken: Valentine’s Day by PublicisFergo

Heineken: Valentine's Day

Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Ferrari by Richter7

Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Ferrari

Architecture and Design

brand new municipal office for The Hague by Rudy Uytenhaak Architects

brand new municipal office for The Hague

Melon chair by Veronica Belous

Melon chair


Aventador J by Lamborghini

Aventador J

PS Vita UI by Sony

PS Vita UI




Interesting Article

The Eco-Friendly Hobbit House Of Wales

The Eco-Friendly Hobbit House Of Wales


Isometric 3D Social Icons Set by pixeden

Isometric 3D Social Icons Set

Download Social Icons Set

Free Font

Headliner No. 45

Headliner No. 45


A SHADOW OF BLUE by Carlos Lascano



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