Daily Inspirations no. 383

Seems here in Europe the winter is finally over and because of that it would be more than appropriate to begin with a nice sunny forest photo called The Magic Wood … by Giò Tarantini. Got to mention a cute cub photo right below called Dreamy Eyed by Ken Shimo. Love the ears :). It’s time to move forward though. Let’s take a look how creative were the illustrators out there. Do not miss the Ignore your Idols by Alex Landa as well as the Molmoli by Kian Kiani. Also our art / digital section is worth checking out today … there is an amazing artwork by Valerie Belin (very first one). But it’s not the only one I like … at the very bottom there is a cool artwork by Artstudio Norarts called Strange Dream. If you like open spaces and glass walls, check the Haus D10 by Werner Sobek … very clean and modern. The architect needs to find an owner without privacy issues though :) … well, if the estate is large enough, the is no issue. Guys, of course there are some nice freebies at the bottom … we didn’t forget about that neither. Enjoy! .. and get some sunshine during the weekend.


Trails to heaven by Twostar K

Trails to heaven

by Tashi Delek


The Magic Wood.. by Giò Tarantini

The Magic Wood..

Dreamy Eyed by Ken Shimo

Dreamy Eyed

The Streets Of New York City In 1908 by unknown

The Streets Of New York City In 1908

The Beautiful City Of Perugia, Italy by unknown

The Beautiful City Of Perugia, Italy

The Majesty Of Mount Rainer by unknown

The Majesty Of Mount Rainer


Ignore your Idols by Alex Landa

Ignore your Idols

Princess Mononoke by Max Thompson

Princess Mononoke

Leviathan – chow#278 by Giuliano Bròcani

Leviathan - chow#278

The Curse by Tanya Wheeler

The Curse

Sky axe black face by Saryth charernpanitkul

Sky axe black face

Molmoli by KIAN KIANI


3d Arts

Nadian by se won kang


Return of the Seekers by Chris Vera

Return of the Seekers

Art and Digital Art

Work by Valerie Belin


Work by Victoria Ling


Expect Che by Rubbishmonkey

Expect Che

The Woman by Alice X. Zhang

The Woman

Strange Dream by Artstudio Norarts

Strange Dream


Gnaw font by Gaurabh Mathure

Gnaw font

Typography by Viyaleta Kublickaja


NIKE Apparel Design II by SHORT

NIKE Apparel Design II

Cool Logo Design

Mono by Julian Dorado



Alen2: Handmade Masterpiece, Pisa by Solid studio

Alen2: Handmade Masterpiece, Pisa

Kerala Tourism: Home of Ayurveda, 2 by Stark Communications

Kerala Tourism: Home of Ayurveda, 2

Panasonic Wide-angle Lenses: Snow by Bassat Ogilvy

Panasonic Wide-angle Lenses: Snow

Architecture and Design

Haus D10 by Werner Sobek

Haus D10

192 Shoreham Street by Project Orange

192 Shoreham Street


UFO by Jeong Jaewan


SAAB Viggen concept by Feliciano Ruy-Díaz

SAAB Viggen concept


Dry Icons

Dry Icons

Interesting Article

Calendar Girl by Matt Chase

Calendar Girl by Matt Chase


World Flags by freepsdfiles

World Flags

Download Language Buttons

Free Font




The City of Samba by Jarbas Agnelli

The City of Samba


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