Funny Photos and Illustrations

We all love humor, so why not putting together another collection of hilarious photos and illustrations?! :) My favorite gotta be the Beardski by firebox. Wouldn’t it be funny hitting the slopes wearing such thing? For our female readers who love usb gadgets, there is a cute piggie usb hub by weplaygod. My third pick is for all the Louis Vuitton freaks, who just can’t live without it … check the LV Sponge; that’s called image. Enjoy the rest!

Beast Pillow by likecool

Beast Pillow

Pantyhose For Men by likecool

Pantyhose For Men

(Almost)Save the world by ILoveDoodle

(Almost)Save the world

Birdsnest bed by O*GE

Birdsnest bed

Falling Bookends by Art Ori design

Falling Bookends

pig planter by fruitflypie

pig planter

Jellyfish Tank by jellyfishart

Jellyfish Tank

Panic Room by Tilt

Panic Room

30 Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out by unknown

30 Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Zandra Legua’s Photos by unknown

Zandra Legua's Photos

Photo by Janelle C.


Java Jacket by Brock Davis

Java Jacket

Watermelon Hedgehog by Michelle Langer and Kate Surbey

Watermelon Hedgehog

Picture by unknown


Newsboy Cap for CAT by CatAtelier

Newsboy Cap for CAT

Bin Bag Bears by Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay

Bin Bag Bears

Ballet Soldier by

Ballet Soldier

world’s smallest chameleon – Brookesia micra by Glaw

world's smallest chameleon - Brookesia micra

Muscles Leggings by James Lillis

Muscles Leggings

One Star Super Mario Bros by Converse

One Star Super Mario Bros

Beardski by firebox


Victorian Star Wars by Terry Fan

Victorian Star Wars

Animal by unknown


Outlet Stickers by bookofjoe

Outlet Stickers

Fotos do mural by unknown

Fotos do mural

Tree House by unknown

Tree House

Gibraltar Airport by unknown

Gibraltar Airport

Ice by unknown


In The Mourning by unknown

In The Mourning

Air Heads by Hector Serrano

Air Heads

World’s Largest Coffee Cup by unknown

World's Largest Coffee Cup

Pig USB hub by weplaygod

Pig USB hub

Social Shower Curtain by spinninghat

Social Shower Curtain

Brain Hat by Alana Noritake

Brain Hat

Morning Mug by Damion O’Sullivan

Morning Mug

Spray it, don’t squeeze it by Quirky

Spray it, don’t squeeze it

Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener by unknown

Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener

Nose Thief by woot

Nose Thief

Hedgehog Mitts KnitKit by unknown

Hedgehog Mitts KnitKit

LV Sponge by unknown

LV Sponge

Bag by unknown



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