Colorful Retro Photography

On Wednesday we were featuring b&w photography, yesterday retro web design … and we’ll stick with that theme today as well. Seems my colleagues have a weakness for retro style. Anyway, today we’ll be featuring amazing retro photography … in color. Mainly when speaking of pin-ups, color is something we guys really appreciate .). Some of the photos look like they were colorized in the post production, but it’s quite likely it’s just an illusion. To answer the question which is my today’s fav … I like the SUMMER VALENTINE by Ana Dias, COCO by Simona Smrckova and Havana by Ephraim Muller. The last one is kind of ironic … as it’s like everything that’s shot around cars in Cuba gotta look retro :). Enjoy!

Retro tape portrait by Roman Rodionov

Retro tape portrait

Wow 1 by Edward Aninaru

Wow 1

The GIRL NEXT DOOR by Ana Dias


BIG GIRLS don’t cry by Ana Dias

BIG GIRLS don't cry

to the lighthouse by hannes cmarits

to the lighthouse

PIN UP [ Karla Peniche ] by gabriel garcia de alba

PIN UP [ Karla Peniche ]

Anna. by Petrova JuliaN


PIN UP [ Karla Peniche ] by gabriel garcia de alba

PIN UP [ Karla Peniche ]

PIN UP [ Diana Desirée ] by gabriel garcia de alba

PIN UP [ Diana Desirée ]



tabacco by Vitaly Agababjan


Hard Rock Cafe, Baltimore, Md. by John Rivera

Hard Rock Cafe, Baltimore, Md.

ROCKABILLY [ Leydi Cal ] by gabriel garcia de alba

ROCKABILLY [ Leydi Cal ]

PIN UP [ Diana Desirée ] by gabriel garcia de alba

PIN UP [ Diana Desirée ]

Vespa by jarek kozlowski


Checking out in a retro style by Tomasz Loba

Checking out in a retro style

COCO by Simona Smrckova


Walking around by Pantelis Kampas

Walking around

GIA Retro EVE by momchil hristov


Retro Swim by Josie McManus

Retro Swim

Retro Swim

Untitled (Mila F) by Augusto Ferrer

Untitled (Mila F)

On My way by Jose Ferreira

On My way

Dear Old Vespa Retro Life by shahjahan k

Dear Old Vespa Retro Life

Le fille vintage by Noemi Mesa

Le fille vintage

*j by Nadine Lotze

La Perejila by Ges Rules

La Perejila

Gatina by Ges Rules


retro Dodge by Thomas Reimann

retro Dodge

Stories in her eyes by Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite

Stories in her eyes

Colores nuevos y días claros by Isabel Alcalá

Colores nuevos y días claros

Windswept by Kayleigh June


Lindsay by Brandt Campbell


Another Day by Natalia Ilina

Another Day

Life as it Is by Sortvind

Life as it Is

Moment in Time by Sortvind

Moment in Time

Julia by Emily Soto


Week 10/52 – Moments by Rui Silva

Week 10/52 - Moments

.18 by Dasha Denger


Lovely Time by Bebe Mozz

Lovely Time

Afternoon 3 pm by Bebe Mozz

Afternoon 3 pm

Ford Taurus XL by Simone Cento

Ford Taurus XL

Happy Dexter by david bouchat

Happy Dexter



1940′s Vintage Shoot by Marc Orbito

1940's Vintage Shoot

Havana by Ephraim Muller



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