50 Photos of the Day by National Geographic vol. 5

Yes, I understand you guys were already currious what’s up with another dose of quality photos from National Geographic. I am sure you can’t have enough of it … I love watching these collections myself. Also this time, there is plenty of cool photos. What about the Child and Water Buffalo, Vietnam by Denis Rozan, Asiago Plateau, Italy by Vittorio PoliBaboon or Bronx Zoo by Richard Conde. I would love to hear which are your personal favs this time. Don’t be shy and drop us a comment or two :). Enjoy!

Bathing Parrot by Cesar Badilla

Bathing Parrot

Stone-Marked Grave, Libya by George Steinmetz

Stone-Marked Grave, Libya

Clownfish and Bubble-Tipped Anemone by David Doubilet

Clownfish and Bubble-Tipped Anemone

Dew on a Spider Web by Erika Skogg

Dew on a Spider Web

Canyon Landscape, Utah by Christopher Zimmer

Canyon Landscape, Utah

Manarola, Italy by Paul Hogie

Manarola, Italy

Mambukal Mudpack Festival by Alfonso Lizares

Mambukal Mudpack Festival

Baobab Trees, Tanzania by Tom Schwabel

Baobab Trees, Tanzania

Mongolian Man by Charles Meacham

Mongolian Man

Church of the Good Shepherd by Thomas Young

Church of the Good Shepherd

Ballerinas, Berlin by Maria Helena Buckley

Ballerinas, Berlin

Shanghai Highways by Sung Ming Whang

Shanghai Highways

Serra da Leba, Angola by Kostadin Luchansky

Serra da Leba, Angola

Buddha, Thailand by Stuart Updegrave

Buddha, Thailand

Pantanal, Brazil by Mike Bueno

Pantanal, Brazil

White Pocket, Arizona by Richard Barnes

White Pocket, Arizona

Oil Tanker, Persian Gulf by Thomas P. Peschak

Oil Tanker, Persian Gulf

Crab-Eating Macaque by Dave Forney

Crab-Eating Macaque

Gaucho, Patagonia by Jasmine Rossi

Gaucho, Patagonia

Cheetah Cubs, South Africa by Dumith Fernando

Cheetah Cubs, South Africa

Peacock Tree Frog by Mark Bridger

Peacock Tree Frog

Canadian Lynx, Yukon Territory by Nicolas Dory

Canadian Lynx, Yukon Territory

Cows, India by Mariajoseph Johnbasco

Cows, India

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica by Dafna Ben Nun

Emperor Penguins, Antarctica

Giraffes, Kenya by Diego Arroyo

Giraffes, Kenya

Child and Water Buffalo, Vietnam by Denis Rozan

Child and Water Buffalo, Vietnam

Mountain Gorillas, Africa by Joel Sartore

Mountain Gorillas, Africa

Foxes, New Jersey by Jack Fusco

Foxes, New Jersey

Caravanner and Camels, Mali by Brent Stirton

Caravanner and Camels, Mali

Squirrel in Snow by Ray Yeager

Squirrel in Snow

Crabeater Seal, Antarctica by Mary Beth Young

Crabeater Seal, Antarctica

Asiago Plateau, Italy by Vittorio Poli

Asiago Plateau, Italy

Buffalo Race, India by AchintyaGuchhait Guchhait

Buffalo Race, India

Iguazu Falls by Chris Schmid

Iguazu Falls

Stargazer, Lake Malawi by Chris Cannucciari

Stargazer, Lake Malawi

Rajasthan, India by April Maciborka

Rajasthan, India

Lake of the Moon, India by Dhurjati Chatterjee

Lake of the Moon, India

Camel, Socotra Island by Sergei Reoutov

Camel, Socotra Island

Wood Frog by Kevin Chodzinski

Wood Frog

Grizzly Bear by Carol Bock

Grizzly Bear

Hippopotamus by Anna Ponomareva


Humpback Whale Calf by Phil Cothran

Humpback Whale Calf

Mosaic Jellyfish by Melissa Fiene

Mosaic Jellyfish

Baboon, Bronx Zoo by Richard Conde

Baboon, Bronx Zoo

Owl by Jis Jose


Cattle Egret, Florida by Troy Lim

Cattle Egret, Florida

Black-Headed Gull, England by Christopher Hoyle

Black-Headed Gull, England

Green Sea Turtle, Hawaii by Lorenzo Menendez

Green Sea Turtle, Hawaii

Surfer, Hawaii by Ron Dahlquist

Surfer, Hawaii

Terraced Rice Field, China by Thierry Bornier

Terraced Rice Field, China


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