Amazing Pixel Art

Good morning! If I am not mistaken we didn’t present pixel artworks on Cruzine yet. But if we did … I am sure though we didn’t present following special sort of pixel art … pixel art in 3 dimensions. If you’ll check the artworks below .. what does it remind you of? In my case it reminds me of old PC games, games like Sim City or Settlers :). Love this kind of graphics and I am so happy we’re presenting this showcase today. I hope you’ll be at least as excited as I am … enjoy it!

Lille by eBoy


Chartres by eBoy


Party! The Sims-10th Anniversary by eBoy

Party! The Sims-10th Anniversary

Marseille Poster by eBoy

Marseille Poster

Full Pixorama for Groove Armada ’07 by eBoy

Full Pixorama for Groove Armada ’07

WATER-MILL by zi-double


The_Hovel by zi-double


Leftovers by Yuriy Gusev


assault mech & scared army … by zi-double

assault mech & scared army ...

Big Iso City… by Gunstar_Red

Big Iso City...

Snupped City 1-Tile by Tropo Harnio

Snupped City 1-Tile

Pixel Dump by Derek Yu

Pixel Dump

Gallery 1 by Jalonso

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 1

Gallery 2 by Jalonso

Gallery 2

Treasure island SMOKE by Jalonso

Treasure island SMOKE

City of Aracana by Stefan Pratter

City of Aracana

big2 by Jalonso


big3 by Jalonso


Rio Poster by eBoy

Rio Poster

Arla farm winter by eBoy

Arla farm winter

Spiegel Stop by eBoy

Spiegel Stop

Terrifying Monsters by cure

Terrifying Monsters

Fantasy_Homestead by zi-double


Dragon rider by Yuriy Gusev

Dragon rider

BoxedTown 2 by Sebas van den Brink

BoxedTown 2

Bonn by eBoy


TurbineTAB by eBoy


LeMans by eBoy


Nice by eBoy


Nimes by eBoy


Colossal Katamari by Snake

Colossal Katamari

Collaboration for Pixeldam by Ryan Filipski

Collaboration for Pixeldam

Rendezvous by Ryan Filipski


Pixel Girls by JWhitnee

Pixel Girls

stronghold city single tile by Tropo Harnio

stronghold city single tile

NY V2 by eBoy


Arla by eBoy


MakePoster2008 by eBoy


Tokyo by eBoy


Freud Street Woman AFTER by eBoy

Freud Street Woman AFTER

Adventure Background: Graveyard by buloght

Adventure Background: Graveyard

Shoesnail idle animation by Yuriy Gusev

Shoesnail idle animation

Pupp by Yuriy Gusev


Another dragon by Yuriy Gusev

Another dragon


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