Impressive Artworks from Lego Bricks

Lego bricks were here for ages. I remember how happy I was when I found a set of these under the Christmas tree .. or I got it on some different occasion. Anyway, I know times changed … currently there are computer games out there dragging so many kids in. In case of lego bricks, the magic remains … from my point of view, it’s still cool enough to be able to compete with any modern games. Well, it’s just my opinion … we are here to check what were few talented artists able to do with these original bricks called Lego. I am sure you’ll be amazed when checking the collection. Get inspired … and drop us a comment or two .).

Lego Sea Serpent by James Burke

Lego Sea Serpent

Have a heart by Nathan Sawaya

Have a heart

Melting Man by Nathan Sawaya

Melting Man

Skulls by Nathan Sawaya


Hunting Trophies by Nathan Sawaya

Hunting Trophies

Elvis has left the building by Nathan Sawaya

Elvis has left the building

Think! by Nathan Sawaya


Grasp by Nathan Sawaya


Hands by Nathan Sawaya


The LEGO World by Nathan Sawaya

The LEGO World

The LEGO World

Bicycle triumphs traffic by Sean Kenney

Bicycle triumphs traffic

The Ant and the Shoe by Sean Kenney

The Ant and the Shoe

SUV by Sean Kenney


Awesome LEGO Starcraft Terran Battlecruiser by unknown

Awesome LEGO Starcraft Terran Battlecruiser





LEGO Mario by Dirk VH

LEGO Mario

LEGO Luigi by unknown

LEGO Luigi

LEGO Jesus by unknown

LEGO Jesus

Full-Size LEGO Cello by Nathan Sawaya

Full-Size LEGO Cello

Life-Size Ford Explorer Replica by workers at Legoland Florida

Life-Size Ford Explorer Replica

LEGO Replica of Ohio Stadium by Paul Janssen

LEGO Replica of Ohio Stadium

Post-Apocalyptic LEGO Crawler Town by Dave DeGobbi

Post-Apocalyptic LEGO Crawler Town

Lego art by Nathan Sawaya

Lego art

LEGO Marlboros by david haliski

LEGO Marlboros

LEGO Big Mac Meal by david haliski

LEGO Big Mac Meal

Copia d’Arte Lego by Jan Vermeer

Copia d'Arte Lego

La Gioconda by marco pece

La Gioconda

Psycho Lego by fentiman11

Psycho Lego

Rooney Lego by fentiman11

Rooney Lego

Obama Lego by fentiman11

Obama Lego

Peace by Nathan Sawaya


Kangaroo by Nathan Sawaya


Yellow man by Nathan Sawaya

Yellow man

The Art Of The Brick by Nathan Sawaya

The Art Of The Brick

The Art Of The Brick by Nathan Sawaya

The Art Of The Brick


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