Cool Dieselpunk Artworks

Today we’ll be featuring another type of PUNK artworks after our steampunk adventure from last week. So what kind of? Well, you may look forward an amazing set of dieselpunk artworks. Dieselpunk combines the artistic and genre influences of the interbellum period through World War II (including pulp magazines, serial films, film noir, art deco, and wartime pin-ups) with postmodern technology and sensibilities. Enjoy!

Gwen in Her Hepmobile Rocket by Bradley W. Schenck

Gwen in Her Hepmobile Rocket

Art to Rocket Science by Bradley W. Schenck

Art to Rocket Science

The Frappuccino of Tomorrow by Bradley W. Schenck

The Frappuccino of Tomorrow

Doctor Rognvald’s Tower II by Bradley W. Schenck

Doctor Rognvald's Tower II

Calling the Space Patrol by Bradley W. Schenck

Calling the Space Patrol

Dieselpunk hovercraft by Alexey Lipatov

Dieselpunk hovercraft

KIEV dieselpunk hovercraft by Alexey Lipatov

KIEV dieselpunk hovercraft

250409 – BB2 3-4 by 600v

250409 - BB2 3-4

090509 – blue arrow 62 by 600v

090509 - blue arrow 62

290309 – zombie hunter 2 by 600v

290309 - zombie hunter 2

200309 – retro hover by 600v

200309 - retro hover

140309 – heavy 2 by 600v

140309 - heavy 2

Rush Hour by Malaveldt

Rush Hour

Red Baroness by LadyDeuce

Red Baroness

Austro-Hungarian Squadron by Malaveldt

Austro-Hungarian Squadron

Interceptor ’48 by Malaveldt

Interceptor '48

1927 Calumet Sixty Special by Malaveldt

1927 Calumet Sixty Special

Gunracer by Malaveldt


FUEL: The Vulture by LadyDeuce

FUEL: The Vulture

FUEL: Ratillac by LadyDeuce

FUEL: Ratillac

Lunch Break by LadyDeuce

Lunch Break

Eurocentric Liner by stefanparis

Eurocentric Liner

Diesel Forces by stefanparis

Diesel Forces

AeroStream Cruiser by stefanparis

AeroStream Cruiser

Dieselpunk airships by Iron Grip Artwork

Dieselpunk airships

Rahmos Fighter by Keith Thompson

Rahmos Fighter

Landscapes L51 by Gutalin

Landscapes L51

aircar by Waldemar von Kozak


290809 – NFZ T1 by 600v

290809 - NFZ T1

220809 – zombie seeker by 600v

220809 - zombie seeker

120609 – NFZ H2 by 600v

120609 - NFZ H2

020809 – NFZ W4 by 600v

020809 - NFZ W4

NFZ – HUGE and HEAVY roadster by 600v

NFZ - HUGE and HEAVY roadster


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