Daily Inspirations no. 360

Again bunch of fresh design inspirations is waiting for you at Cruzine. That’s nothing new … you’re used to that :). Anyway … today I’ll skip our photos and move directly into the illustrations section. This section deserves a lot more space today than usually as it’s stuffed with quality … you’ll see yourself. Right the first artwork is kind of cool … what do you think? At least I like what I see myself … the Chinese author ZZY did a good job with this portrait illustration. Right beneath this artwork you’ll find another masterpiece. The style is different, but that’s what we like about art, the creativity has no boundaries .). Let’s not forget the artwork details … it’s called Gnomes and Jason Chan is the author. The third one I would like to present is The living dream by Randyotter. Again, something totally different than the previous two, but still amazing. Guys, you better check the remaining three in this section .. it’s definitely worth it. Let’s move on. There are some cool artworks available in today’s Art / Digital art section as well. My fav is the painting called The Woman by Alice X. Zhang and the other one is called Memories by Dilka Bear. For typography fans … check Thinking of You by Dzeri29. Love it … kind of appropriate for Valentine’s day too. I almost forgot … there is a nice freebie available. Get the Geschenk Box Icon by templay.de. For those not speaking German, it’s a set of gift box icons. Enjoy!


Photo by John Fulton


Photo by Simon Stock


Photo by unknown


Photo by unknown


Chester by Julie Clegg


Drowned sunset by Andrey Narchuk

Drowned sunset

97, 98, 99, 100! I’m coming out where ever you are! by Nenad Druzic

97, 98, 99, 100! I'm coming out where ever you are!


Work by zzy


gnomes by Jason Chan


Tigers by kiwikitty37


girl by Margarita Sheshukova


Anti-hipster by Farnell


The living dream by Randyotter

The living dream

Requiem by noah-kh


3d Arts

The Titans Of Old – Music and Art by Daniel Arnold-Mist

The Titans Of Old - Music and Art

Art and Digital Art

The Captain by Purple Cactus

The Captain

Cinderella by Rudy Faber


The Woman by Alice X. Zhang

The Woman

Edward Norton – Fight Club by Fresh Doodle – JP Valderrama

Edward Norton - Fight Club

Memories by Dilka Bear



Thinking of You by Dzeri29

Thinking of You

Every Soul by Matthew Kavan Brooks

Every Soul

LOVE. by Bex Bourne


Cool Logo Design

bultoys by tasbo



Británico English courses: Park by Y&R

Británico English courses: Park

Lady Fozaza: Long Legged Pets, Monkey by Livingroom Communication

Lady Fozaza: Long Legged Pets, Monkey

Tabasco Garlic+Pepper: Guy, 1 by House Comunicação

Tabasco Garlic+Pepper: Guy, 1

Architecture and Design

Gateway Skyscraper by Snøhetta

Gateway Skyscraper

Innovative Residential Building in Vienna by Philipp Ohnesorge

Innovative Residential Building in Vienna


Ambit watch by Suunto

Ambit watch

electric motorcycle by Brutus

electric motorcycle




Interesting Article

North Northwest by Julian Calverley

North Northwest by Julian Calverley


Geschenk Box Icon by templay.de

Geschenk Box Icon

Free Font

Dymeda Italic

Dymeda Italic


a story for tomorrow. by gnarly bay productions, Inc.

a story for tomorrow.


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