Daily Inspirations no. 359

Daily Inspirations no. 359

Guys I hope you had a great weekend … I did :). We got to get back to work and it’s always easier to start with something we like … such as checking what’s inspiring out there. From today’s photography section my picks are the female model with shades shadow all over her. The other one I like, and I have to admit I love this sort of photography overall … is the Dive to Philippines by Miguel Castanys. It’s amazing to see the World as we know it … along with the underwater World which is not that common, at least for us, living 1000s of miles away from the sea. Let’s check the art / digital art section now. There are several candidates, but my favs are the Knitted City – Ministry of Sound by Naju and Wasp by Alice X. Zhang. Actually to be righteous, Lioness Soul by Hans Walør shoulda be there too. Do not miss the freebies section today … there is a nice progress bar from pixelsnippets. Very cool … so if you’ll find a need for it, do not hesitate. Enjoy!

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