50 Photos of the Day by National Geographic vol. 3

Finally it’s here again .. another showcase of cool National Geographic photos of the day. As you’re already used to, we’ll be presenting quality and quality only … pure medicine for your eyes .). I have to say this collection is amazing, full of cool animal photos, different people from all around the World, untouched nature, urban photos etc. I doubt we’ll find someone among us who didn’t go through at least one NG magazine or spent few minutes in front of the TV. So we know what to expect … no need to explain .). Enjoy this collection … and look forward the next one!

Walruses, Svalbard by Paul Nicklen

Walruses, Svalbard

White Pelicans, Mississippi by Annie Griffiths

White Pelicans, Mississippi

Pronghorn, Wyoming by Joe Riis

Pronghorn, Wyoming

Snow Geese, New Mexico by Ralph Lee Hopkins

Snow Geese, New Mexico

Jellyfish, Palau by National Geographic Television

Jellyfish, Palau

Flamingos, Yucatán Peninsula by Robert B. Haas

Flamingos, Yucatán Peninsula

Whale Shark, Australia by Brian Skerry

Whale Shark, Australia

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats, Texas by Joel Sartore

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats, Texas

Black-Browed Albatrosses, Falkland Islands by unknown

Black-Browed Albatrosses, Falkland Islands

Wildebeests, Kenya by Murray Macdonald

Wildebeests, Kenya

Rockhopper Penguins, Argentina by Tomas Kotouc

Rockhopper Penguins, Argentina

Bison, Kansas by Joel Sartore

Bison, Kansas

Cheetah, Botswana by Beverly Joubert

Cheetah, Botswana

Brown Bear by Zahoor Salmi

Brown Bear

Bighorn Sheep by Trish Carney

Bighorn Sheep

Lioness, Kenya by Ramesh Ratwatte

Lioness, Kenya

Anemones and Soft Corals by Paul Nicklen

Anemones and Soft Corals

Praying Mantis, Virginia by Medford Taylor

Praying Mantis, Virginia

Storm Clouds, Nushagak Bay by Michael Melford

Storm Clouds, Nushagak Bay

Point Reyes, California by Anton Barmettler

Point Reyes, California

Badwater Basin, Death Valley by Dan Desroches

Badwater Basin, Death Valley

Surfer, South Africa by Anne du Plessis

Surfer, South Africa

Polar Bear, Norway by Michael Nolan

Polar Bear, Norway

Hang Son Doong Photo by Carsten Peter

Hang Son Doong Photo

Serengeti, Tanzania by Amnon Eichelberg

Serengeti, Tanzania

Namsto Lake, Tibet by Jeremy Nielsen

Namsto Lake, Tibet

Southern Masked Weaver by Jiri Slama

Southern Masked Weaver

Dhaka, Bangladesh by Amy Helene Johansson

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sydney Harbour Bridge by Chris Button

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Lake of Zug, Switzerland by Ingo Meckmann

Lake of Zug, Switzerland

Little Owl, Spain by Andres Lopez

Little Owl, Spain

Firemen, California by Josh Edelson

Firemen, California

Timber Wolves by Jacqueline Crivello

Timber Wolves

Cotton Grass, Iceland by Jennifer Jesse

Cotton Grass, Iceland

Bay Bridge, San Francisco by Kristin Repsher

Bay Bridge, San Francisco

South Haven, Michigan by Charlie Anderson

South Haven, Michigan

Sayulita, Mexico by Ashley Gordon

Sayulita, Mexico

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro by Sasza Lohrey

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico by Troy Lim

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

Tjøme, Norway by Audun Wigen

Tjøme, Norway

Peak District, England by Steve Roche

Peak District, England

Lizard, Zion National Park by Olaf Dziallas

Lizard, Zion National Park

Monkeys, Macritchie Reservoir by Peng Hui Cheng

Monkeys, Macritchie Reservoir

Common Tern Chick by Lisa Franceski

Common Tern Chick

Buffalo, Indonesia by Andrew Ang

Buffalo, Indonesia

Horse by Johann Karlsson


Pelican, Namibia by Romulo Rejon

Pelican, Namibia

Whooper Swan Family by Stefano Unterthiner

Whooper Swan Family

Fox, Washington by Alexander Glass

Fox, Washington

Red Squirrel, Poland by Dorota Walczak

Red Squirrel, Poland


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