(Really) Hot Flyer Designs

As you surely remember, yesterday we were presenting tons of quality cover designs. Today, we won’t go too far away as we’ll be presenting printed stuff as well. In this case it’s gonna be a cool collection of creative flyer designs. If you’re looking for inspiration or are just curious what your “competition” has to offer, continue and scroll through featured artworks. Enjoy!

free thoughts poster by Vitaly Sacred

free thoughts poster

Morph by Ed Price



Kto znajduje, źle szukał by Redkroft

Kto znajduje, źle szukał

Adobe User Group XL by Momkai

Adobe User Group XL

The Black Panther Party by Rubens Scarelli

The Black Panther Party

Older Type Works by Francesco Muzzi

Older Type Works

Champion Sound 15 – Flyer & Making-of by Martijn van Dam

Champion Sound 15 - Flyer & Making-of

Chameleon – Octopus flyer by Martijn van Dam

Chameleon - Octopus flyer

ICONS – Custom Toy Show by Analogue

ICONS - Custom Toy Show

Jazz 2008 Posters by Atelier Martino&Jaña

Jazz 2008 Posters

Jazz 2008 Posters

Jazz 2008 Posters

So fresh ! by sebastien CUYPERS

So fresh !

So fresh !

SOUNDSICK CLUB flyers by Velckro



Chameleon – Candy factory flyer by Martijn van Dam

Chameleon - Candy factory flyer

Poster for a Music Producer by Elena Savitskaya

Poster for a Music Producer

Twenty by Aiven – Yvan Feusi


Mad Attitude 5 by Alberto Russo

Mad Attitude 5

Lief festival 2008 by John Beckers

Lief festival 2008

Jungle Juice poster/flyer series by Mike Friedrich

Jungle Juice poster/flyer series

Jungle Juice poster/flyer series

Jungle Juice poster/flyer series

Borderline by Mathieu Schatzler


Morph x5 by Ed Price

Morph x5

Flyers 2 by Ed Price

Flyers 2

Flyers 2

Flyers 2

Amnesty poster 2008-2009 by Richard Parker

Amnesty poster 2008-2009

Debut Morph Flyer by Ed Price

Debut Morph Flyer

The Roommates by Giampiero Quaini

The Roommates

BSC poster / flyer / banner by Mike Friedrich

BSC poster / flyer / banner

boardjunkies | Birthday #2 by Hallo Kai

boardjunkies | Birthday #2

Posters by Zack Anderson





Lost & Taken by Zack Anderson

Lost & Taken

Shock Awards Identity by Morr

Shock Awards Identity

Shock Awards Identity

Squadron & DonDisko present Les Petits Pilous by Karl Attard

Squadron & DonDisko present Les Petits Pilous

Moonharbour VS Hideout party in Miami by Luca Masini

Moonharbour VS Hideout party in Miami

Flyers and Posters by La Pixeleria

Flyers and Posters

Indie Rock Sessions by Antonio Campollo

Indie Rock Sessions

Dance Valley festival by Danny Merk

Dance Valley festival

ZeroLive 2010 by Giovanni Montuori

ZeroLive 2010

Commemorative posters by James White

Commemorative posters

Commemorative posters

Tron Legacy countdown by James White

Tron Legacy countdown

Speak & Spell by Anthony Neil Dart

Speak & Spell

Smashing Pumpkins Poster by Joshua M. Smith

Smashing Pumpkins Poster

S A K I D E A M S H E N I by Giga Kobidze


Tron: Poster trilogy by James White

Tron: Poster trilogy


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