Daily Inspirations no. 351

Seems like we’ll be starting today again with animal photos. As you may see, the photography section is kind of special today as it’s dedicated purely to animal photos. There are some brilliant shots available. Do not miss the very first penguin photo called I’m hungry! by Per-Gunnar Ostby. The other one I like is the Siberian tiger horde around the Toyota in Harbin, China. Got to be an amazing feeling observing the predators from behind the bars. Anyway, let’s move forward as there is much more than photos. Let’s land in the art / digital art category. There are few favorites of mine. I love the skull artwork called Sugar Skull by Farnell and the hands at the bottom are kind of cool too. The artwork is called Us and Them by Jamie Mitchell. Do not miss the Villa Vals by SeARCH and CMA in the architecture section … how cool is that? :) I know, you’re already waiting for the freebies … ok, go and get the vector fashion shopping girls. Amazing quality. Enjoy!


I’m hungry! by Per-Gunnar Ostby

I'm hungry!

slowly does it…. by Mark Bridger

slowly does it....

Acrobat by Shikhei Goh


Siberian tigers by Sheng Li

Siberian tigers

Cats… by Lennette Newell


Dogs by Lennette Newell


EE-024 New York, 1974 by Elliott Erwitt

EE-024 New York, 1974


Work by Kuang Hong


Sneaky Raccoon by Chase Kunz

Sneaky Raccoon

Humragon by Nick Miles


TORAN by ARAD safarzadegan


Ballerina against the world by Sirkku Tuomela

Ballerina against the world

Aelfen by Sue Marino


3d Arts

Halloween Witch 2011 by Alex Franks

Halloween Witch 2011

Karim Rehimi by Roewe Car Advertisement ( China )

Karim Rehimi

Art and Digital Art

Sugar Skull by Farnell

Sugar Skull

Opal by Michael Shapcott


The Cats. by Ashley Percival

The Cats.

ODB by Jonathan Bergeron


Us and Them by Jamie Mitchell

Us and Them


Valentine Calligraphy Collection by Letterstock

Valentine Calligraphy Collection

Outer Space & Mutanzen by Philipp Krause

Outer Space & Mutanzen

Joan Jett tribute by Giulia Santopadre

Joan Jett tribute

Cool Logo Design

Saltwater by ASD



Adam Teva V’Din: Noise by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Adam Teva V'Din: Noise

São Luiz Laundry Service: Slide Puzzle, Shirt by Hermandad

São Luiz Laundry Service: Slide Puzzle, Shirt

Citius Travel Solutions: Robot by Cheil

Citius Travel Solutions: Robot

Architecture and Design

Dalian Museum Competition Design Concept by 10 DESIGN

Dalian Museum Competition Design Concept

Villa Vals by SeARCH and CMA

Villa Vals


Floating Phone by Messizon Li

Floating Phone

Handwriting by REN Fangying



TUT Candy

TUT Candy

Interesting Article

The Vintage Acme Catalog

The Vintage Acme Catalog


Fashion Shopping Girls Vector Art by pixeden

Fashion Shopping Girls Vector Art

Download Vector Art

Free Font

Aero Dynamic

Aero Dynamic


Abraj: The two towers of Dubai by Philip Bloom

Abraj: The two towers of Dubai


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