Daily Inspirations no. 346

Hi guys! Let’s begin today with some nice illustrations. What about the Smile for the Camera illustration by Brianna? I am sure Walt Disney would like this one. Another illustration I’d like to recommend is a bit darker .. but still quite original. I am speaking about Avatar Faceoff by Fabian Schlaga. In the art / digital art section my pick would be the Hold On by Ruben Ireland. I am not saying it’s the best one from this section, but at least it’s my favorite one. Really love the idea behind Fattal International Hotels & Resorts: Battery Charger advertisement by Yehoshua/ TBWA. That’s called creative … so now we know where it’s the best place to stay when in need of charging up .). I’ll finish this intro with a nice freebie … if you’ll find use for cool portfolio template, get the one from templay.de. Enjoy!


May I help you? by Oliver Portillo

May I help you?

Fog @ Golden Gate Bridge by Anil Raghavan

Fog @ Golden Gate Bridge

The house in which we live!!! by unknown

The house in which we live!!!

Photo by Nirrimi Hakanson


Photo by Luis Mariano González


Wine Glass Shattering by Don Farrall

Wine Glass Shattering

Bubble Bursting by Don Farrall

Bubble Bursting


Blood Cells by Chase Kunz

Blood Cells

Sounds Good Dude by Chase Kunz

Sounds Good Dude

Very Odd Twins by Rudy Faber

Very Odd Twins

Smile for the Camera by Brianna

Smile for the Camera

Avatar Faceoff by Fabian Schlaga

Avatar Faceoff

Demon Princess Adamanta by Andrey Lazarev

Demon Princess Adamanta

3d Arts

Girl from QING Dynasty by WeiLin Ke

Girl from QING Dynasty

Fire in the Sky – Alien Redesigned by Christopher Brändström

Fire in the Sky - Alien Redesigned

Art and Digital Art

Hold On by Ruben Ireland

Hold On

Barack Obama caricature by valentin chibrit

Barack Obama caricature

Queen of Diamonds by Rudy Faber

Queen of Diamonds

Daughter of Triton by Alice X. Zhang

Daughter of Triton

Work by Davide Bellocchio



SHE (The Charlatans UK) by Ian Caulkett

SHE (The Charlatans UK)

In 2012… by Ale Paul

In 2012...

Florence Welch Poster by Ryan Terry

Florence Welch Poster

Cool Logo Design

Benchmark by Matt Vergotis



Fattal International Hotels & Resorts: Battery Charger by Yehoshua/ TBWA

Fattal International Hotels & Resorts: Battery Charger

New York Lottery’s Powerball: Helicopter by DDB

New York Lottery's Powerball: Helicopter

Fairy: The power of one drop by Adler Chomsky Grey

Fairy: The power of one drop

Architecture and Design

Smartsquare by Pietro Russomanno


Fibrous Tower Proposal by SOMA

Fibrous Tower Proposal


Monitor2Go by MMT


Ascend P1 S by Huawei

Ascend P1 S




Interesting Article

Animals in Alphabet by Casey Girard

Animals in Alphabet by Casey Girard


Ribbons Portfolio by templay.de

Ribbons Portfolio

Free Font




Liquid Skies by Annis Naeem

Liquid Skies


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