50 Photos of the Day by NatGeo

For all the ones who have been waiting impatiently for another dose of cool photography from National Geographic there is a good news. Today we are publishing a collection called 50 photos of the day. It should be clear enough we won’t be missing quality here .). As I scrolled through I have to say every single photo is special … and inspirational. Guys, enjoy it … and of course you may start looking forward another one .). Do not hesitate to drop a comment or two.

Welsh Pig, Cardiff by Jim Richardson

Welsh Pig, Cardiff

Lightning, Utah-Arizona Border by David Rankin

Lightning, Utah-Arizona Border

Holi Celebration, India by Anurag Kumar

Holi Celebration, India

Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco by Vlad Min

Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Desert Crossing, Rajasthan, India by Shivji Joshi

Desert Crossing, Rajasthan, India

Sharks, Bahamas by Wilfried Niedermayr

Sharks, Bahamas

Grasshopper, Honduras by Lisa Armstrong

Grasshopper, Honduras

White Lions, South Africa by Dave Elliott

White Lions, South Africa

Machu Picchu, Peru by Claire Wroe

Machu Picchu, Peru

Bushman, Botswana by David Doubilet

Bushman, Botswana

Clown Anemonefish, Indonesia by Tim Laman

Clown Anemonefish, Indonesia

Stratus Clouds, Greenland by Bryan and Cherry Alexander

Stratus Clouds, Greenland

Iliamna Volcano, Alaska by Michael Melford

Iliamna Volcano, Alaska

Pier Jump, Australia by Alex Coppel

Pier Jump, Australia

Merced River, Yosemite by Michael Melford

Merced River, Yosemite

Bear, Finland by Michel Giaccaglia

Bear, Finland

Owyhee River, Idaho by Michael Melford

Owyhee River, Idaho

Moonset, California by Peter Essick

Moonset, California

Girl With Pail, Tibet by Li Fan

Girl With Pail, Tibet

Tulip Farm, Tasmania by Anthony Crehan

Tulip Farm, Tasmania

Skyscrapers, Dubai by Catalin Marin

Skyscrapers, Dubai

Tundra Trek, Svalbard by June Jacobsen

Tundra Trek, Svalbard

Sea Pens, New Zealand by Brian Skerry

Sea Pens, New Zealand

Salmon River, Idaho by Michael Melford

Salmon River, Idaho

Morning Landscape, Lithuania by Eugenijus Rauduve

Morning Landscape, Lithuania

Tiger, Indonesia by Steve Winter

Tiger, Indonesia

Black-Browed Albatrosses, South Georgia by Marius Coetzee

Black-Browed Albatrosses, South Georgia

Zebra and Cloud, South Africa by Dmitry Gorilovskiy

Zebra and Cloud, South Africa

Aerial View, New York City by Navid Baraty

Aerial View, New York City

Nafplion, Greece by Maisie Ong

Nafplion, Greece

Cocooned Trees, Pakistan by Russell Watkins

Cocooned Trees, Pakistan

Octopus, Italy by Pasquale Vassallo

Octopus, Italy

Street Scene, Paris by Brian Yen

Street Scene, Paris

Great White Shark and Divers by David Litchfield

Great White Shark and Divers

Upper Yosemite Falls, California by Andrew Coffing

Upper Yosemite Falls, California

Girl With Kite, India by Simon Christen

Girl With Kite, India

Verreaux’s Sifaka, Madagascar by Robyn Gianni

Verreaux's Sifaka, Madagascar

Reindeer Herder, Siberia by Dmitriy Nikonov

Reindeer Herder, Siberia

Swimmer, Coogee Beach by Mark Tipple

Swimmer, Coogee Beach

Krishna Temple, India by Alejandra Loreto

Krishna Temple, India

Eagle Owl by Mark Bridger

Eagle Owl

Hiker, Scottish Highlands by Luis del Río

Hiker, Scottish Highlands

Tuscany, Italy by Jure Kravanja

Tuscany, Italy

Infinity Pool, Singapore by Chia Ming Chien

Infinity Pool, Singapore

Rainbow, Lake Champlain by Alan Nyiri

Rainbow, Lake Champlain

Floating Lanterns, Thailand by Patrice Carlton

Floating Lanterns, Thailand

Silica Pond, Iceland by David Remacle

Silica Pond, Iceland

Great Wall, China by Byron Yu

Great Wall, China

Church of Rodel, Outer Hebrides by Jim Richardson

Church of Rodel, Outer Hebrides

Westminster Abbey, London by Jim Richardson

Westminster Abbey, London


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