Brilliant Levitation Photography

Again, there is something special we prepared for you guys. The right timing and special effects will play the major role in current photography collection. So what exactly am I speaking about? As the title already reveals, it’s gonna be all about levitation today. Word levitation comes from Latin levitas meaning “lightness”. It’s a process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact. Enough theory … let’s take a look at the photos! .)

For a Moment… by Matt Antonio

For a Moment...

Levitation first try by Tobias Bräuning

Levitation first try

The Lost World – Levitation by Alexandre Deschaumes

The Lost World - Levitation

LEVITATION by Dmitryi Hohlov


Untitled by Anka Zhuravleva


antigravity by mina sarenac





UP by Pavel Bolo


Levitation by Doppel & Ganger International


I believe i can fly by Lyes Kachaou

I believe i can fly

levitation 2 by suresh natarajan

levitation 2

Levitation by Jonas Lindhardt


Levitation by Vladislav Malchevskiy


Few words about levitation by James Webs

Few words about levitation

Levitation by Madison Laird


The Groom’s Levitation by Aaron Courter

The Groom's Levitation

Levitation series by Sergei Bizjaev

Levitation series

Friday Linkdump by unknown

Friday Linkdump

levitation-photography-06 by ehl-i blog


levitation-photography-07 by ehl-i blog


Levitation Photography by Jens Sage

Levitation Photography

levitation 1 by suresh natarajan

levitation 1

Estática by Diego Fierce


Bad Things that are Good for You – Daydreaming by Caileigh Kyle

Bad Things that are Good for You - Daydreaming

Floating melody by Ruolan Han

Floating melody

The Girl Who Loves to Levitate by Natsumi Hayashi

The Girl Who Loves to Levitate

The Girl Who Loves to Levitate

Levitation Photography by Lin Pernille

Levitation Photography

Levitation Photography

The Magical Levitation Photography by David Blaine

The Magical Levitation Photography

The Magical Levitation Photography

Heaven by Dejon


an alternate route by Brooke Shaden

an alternate route

At Water Level by ChelseyLeBlanc

At Water Level

distorted gravity by Anka Zhuravleva

distorted gravity

When will I see you again? by blakejacobsen

When will I see you again?

stirring dust by Brooke Shaden

stirring dust

ropes by Kylie W


pixie dust by Brooke Shaden

pixie dust

Levitation by Ashley Vincent


Levitation by Markus Reugels


levitation Project #1 by Matt Antonio

levitation Project #1

Mirror, mirror… by Anka Zhuravleva

Mirror, mirror...

Impossible & Improbable by John Lupton

Impossible & Improbable

Impossible & Improbable

Impossible & Improbable

Impossible & Improbable

Impossible & Improbable

magic red nightgown by Anka Zhuravleva

magic red nightgown

* by Katja Kemnitz

Lifted by Johann Marx


My Father’s House by Diana Eastman

My Father's House


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