Daily Inspirations no. 331

Guys, first of all we are wishing you a Happy New Year 2012. Keep being creative and of course loyal to Cruzine mag as well .). So, let’s dive into the World of creativity again … Today’s photography brought us some quality pieces such as Celebrity by Michael Muller or a hungry bear diving looking for food by Sebastien Kunert. My picks from today’s illustrations are the Farewell-Kingdom by Sonja Wimmer and Nightly Visits by Bao Pham. I like the style, originality and the sense for detail. Old school artists are going to love the oil painting by Esao Andrews. You’ll find that of course in the art and digital art section. Let’s check the ad section … well, got to say … hunters gonna dig the Coffee Inn: Forest Fairytale by Not Perfect | Y&R; Ain’t a hunter myself … and I dig it too actually .). Anyway, do not forget to check all 36 inspirations … and we would appreciate if you’ll drop a comment as well. Enjoy!


Celebrity by Michael Muller


Fog by Donovan Rees


Gilgit, Pakistan by unknown

Gilgit, Pakistan

Playboy by unknown


helping Haiti by Andy Kennelly

helping Haiti

Photo by Sebastien Kunert


Photo by unknown



Tópicos a Hostias by Voltio

Tópicos a Hostias

emergency by Yichuan Li


Fantasy Helsinki station by rui wang

Fantasy Helsinki station

farewell-kingdom by Sonja Wimmer


Nightly Visits by Bao Pham

Nightly Visits

Editorial Illustration by unknown

Editorial Illustration

3d Arts

The Bethlehem´s Crib by Juan Manuel Zamora

The Bethlehem´s Crib

The Night Chicago Died by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

The Night Chicago Died

Art and Digital Art

Oil painting by Esao Andrews

Oil painting

The Golden Weaver by Kirsi Salonen

The Golden Weaver

lynn by Florian Nicolle


The summer in my eyes by Dasa Durianova

The summer in my eyes

The Sadness of Autumn… by Matariil

The Sadness of Autumn…


Have a happy and festive Hump day by unknown

Have a happy and festive Hump day

A-Z by Bae eunkyung


typography projects by Pamela Palevich

typography projects

Cool Logo Design

Kitty Care by Gareth Hardy

Kitty Care


Coffee Inn: Forest Fairytale by Not Perfect | Y&R

Coffee Inn: Forest Fairytale

iGO My way: Santa’s cockpit by Benedict & Helfer

iGO My way: Santa's cockpit

Book Biennial of Pernambuco: You’re what you read, 1 by Coletivodedois

Book Biennial of Pernambuco: You're what you read, 1

Architecture and Design

Volna table by Nuvist Architecture & Design

Volna table

Moto Chair by Jang Woo-seok

Moto Chair


Modai Phone by Julius Tarng

Modai Phone

Model S by Tesla Motors

Model S




Interesting Article

URBANISTAN by Matjaz Krivic

URBANISTAN by Matjaz Krivic


Psd Modern Vintage Stickers Badges by pixeden

Psd Modern Vintage Stickers Badges

Download Vintage Stickers

Free Font




Москва’2011(Moscow/Russia) by zweizwei |motion timelapse|



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