Hot Collection of 3D Artworks

After our last 3d collection (3d cartoons) we’ll move on and present something more serious which is no doubt going to be in strong contrast to the last collection. Instead of cute cartoons, you’ll be able to get inspired by various scary looking creatures, monsters or supernaturals. I am sure you guys will appreciate the creativity and the sense for detail in these amazing artworks. Enjoy! .. and don’t be afraid of the dark .)

The Scarecrow by Kristof Minnaert

The Scarecrow

Wire Head W/ Frame by Meats Meier

Wire Head W/ Frame

creature by Ali Zafati


The tree of aftermath by Tomasz Strzalkowski

The tree of aftermath

Beyond The Nuts And Bolts by Jure Zagoricnik

Beyond The Nuts And Bolts

Landing by Alessandro Baldasseroni


Ethroa by Daniele Scerra


Fish Man by Fabricio Moraes

Fish Man

black slime by Ali Zafati

black slime

Os prédios também sentem. / Buildings have feelings too. by Joana Garrido

Os prédios também sentem. / Buildings have feelings too.

La chiave di Volta by Daniele Scerra

La chiave di Volta

Captain America by Sanket Tanak

Captain America

Steamnocchio by Fabricio Moraes


LITTLE ALIEN by Ali Zafati


The Hell of Judge by Wei Ming

The Hell of Judge

The Last Of The Leaves by Meats Meier

The Last Of The Leaves

Insurance monster by Ian Joyner

Insurance monster

The Hulk by Yurij Yuzvovich

The Hulk

The November Calavera by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

The November Calavera

Leprechaun portrait by Titouan OLIVE

Leprechaun portrait

Twisted Dolls: The Butcher´s Bride by Rebeca Puebla

Twisted Dolls: The Butcher´s Bride

Belle (part 2) by Andrew Hickinbottom

Belle (part 2)

Mad Ogre by Fabricio Moraes

Mad Ogre

Jimi Hendrix – The Guitar Legend by Marcin Klicki

Jimi Hendrix - The Guitar Legend

Mechanical Venus 2 by hodong la

Mechanical Venus 2

cat2 by Ali Zafati


Them Dark Odors by Joel Sundberg

Them Dark Odors

Arctic Express 2008 by Raphael Lacoste

Arctic Express 2008

Os prédios também sentem. / Buildings have feelings too. by Joana Garrido

Os prédios também sentem. / Buildings have feelings too.

Selfillumination 2 by Andre Kutscherauer

Selfillumination 2

baleine by Ali Zafati


London Rooftops, Matte Painting by Raphael Lacoste

London Rooftops, Matte Painting

Tree_branches by Tomasz Strzalkowski


chaosgroup vray 2 by Tsvetomir Georgiev

chaosgroup vray 2

Raziel reboot :) by Tsvetomir Georgiev

Raziel reboot :)

transformers 3 design by Tsvetomir Georgiev

transformers 3 design

fotobot02 by Franz Steiner


Rosco by Jason Lin


Joybot by Lee Davies


The Boxer-3d version by Samuel Perez

The Boxer-3d version

Alien by Aleks Kirilenko


Wolf-man (composite) by Cheong Hoe Yi

Wolf-man (composite)

Secret Apprentice by Manny Llamas

Secret Apprentice

Roundeye Dragon by Cheong Hoe Yi

Roundeye Dragon

Yes, another Wolverine! by Jonathan Clark

Yes, another Wolverine!

Hellchick 2.0 portrait by Jonathan Clark

Hellchick 2.0 portrait

“Selina Kyle” a.k.a. Catwoman by Sven Juhlin

Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman

Unicorn (Patrol) by Henry Pashkov

Unicorn (Patrol)

White Death by Angel Nieves

White Death

YangGuan by Qin Shi


Painter by RenPeng Dong


GodOfDarkness DOMINANCE WAR V by siamak roshani


JURGERNAUT – The Giant Grunt by Su Yeong Kim

JURGERNAUT - The Giant Grunt

The Guardian by Ali Zafati

The Guardian

Chamaro by Mohamed Abdelfatah



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