Daily Inspirations no. 300

Today we’re celebrating the 300th anniversary edition of our daily inspirations. First of all, we would like to thank for your support guys. We really appreciate it … keep coming back :). The best way to celebrate it is of course with a new set of fresh inspirations. See the Morgan Freeman caricature by Hammermeister, beautiful illustration called Marysoul by Julian de Narvaez, cool digital world artwork by Pedro Manuel Costa Ferreira as well as McDonalds – Cosier typographic artwork by Lewis Rowe. There is much more out there … go and get it now .)

Designers! If you want to have your artworks featured in our daily inspirations, feel free to post them into our Facebook group.


Ashley Ann Vickers by unknown

Ashley Ann Vickers

Photo by Gehoersturz


Backlight by Janez Tolar


Mu Cang Chai Vietnam by Viet Hung

Mu Cang Chai Vietnam

Untitled by Evgeny Dryakhlov


Vita by Satin Popalam Putyatina


Evania portrait by Javier Replinger

Evania portrait


Haunted Mansion by Javier Martinez Sanchez

Haunted Mansion

Fairy Tales by Ljubomir Babic

Fairy Tales

Morgan Freeman by Mark Hammermeister

Morgan Freeman

Butterfly love – Fantasy Poster Design. by s0ulsurfing

Butterfly love - Fantasy Poster Design.

For the Queen by Karen Petrasko

For the Queen

marysoul by julian de narvaez


3d Arts

Demon by Kouji Tajima


Gustavo dos Santos Souto by Agent BOB

Gustavo dos Santos Souto

Art and Digital Art

a world in the universe by Pedro Manuel Costa Ferreira

a world in the universe

Horses by Diego Fernandez


Yeti doll by Ian Austin

Yeti doll

Art by Dmitri Daniloff


Flying by Diego Fernandez



The 3D Agency – Pharmaceutical by Agent BOB

The 3D Agency - Pharmaceutical

McDonalds – Cosier by Lewis Rowe

McDonalds - Cosier

State Slogans by Laura Serra

State Slogans

Cool Logo Design

Buzzword Studios by Jerron Ames

Buzzword Studios


Kölner Zoo: Ballons, Elephant by Preuss und Preuss

Kölner Zoo: Ballons, Elephant

Okuma: Beanie by Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Okuma: Beanie

Frame on wheels: Salute by Zubi Advertising

Frame on wheels: Salute

Architecture and Design

Nympha Cultural Center for future Bucharest by upgrade.studio

Nympha Cultural Center for future Bucharest

Villa Veth – Hattem, Netherlands by Liong Lie

Villa Veth - Hattem, Netherlands


Eee Pad Transformer Prime by ASUS

Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Karma by Fisker



The Awesomer

The Awesomer

Interesting Article

Illustrations by Soleil Ignacio

Illustrations by Soleil Ignacio


Cobera WordPress theme by moonthemes

Cobera WordPress theme

Download WordPress theme

Free Font

KG Dancing on the Rooftop

KG Dancing on the Rooftop


24 Hours on an Aircraft Carrier by The Seventh Movemen

24 Hours on an Aircraft Carrier


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