Daily Inspirations no. 293

Here we go again … 36 must-see inspirations are ready to start up your day. Starting right away with pretty interesting photo by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva showing a Russian super-model in poor conditions. The LV wrapping paper gotta be there .). I would strongly recommend you to check the 3d section today .. mainly the Greece vs Cyprus artwork by ILYA Denisenko is kind of cool. Traditional art freaks got something up there too … The Beautiful World by Judith Clay is my personal fav. For all chocolate and typography lovers we’ve got a combination of these two – just check the Chocolate Type – Tutorial by Brand Nu … sooo delicious.

Designers! If you want to have your artworks featured in our daily inspirations, feel free to post them into our Facebook group.


Familiar Faces by Matt Hoyle

Familiar Faces

GALLERY by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva


Iceland by Peter Zeglis


Photo by Claus Possberg


Photo by Irina Vorotyntseva


Red Gater Creek by Madeline OBrien

Red Gater Creek

Nature in El Paramo by Maria Fidalgo

Nature in El Paramo


Uplift concept by Goro Fujita

Uplift concept

The Kooples & D.Vicente by DAVID VICENTE

The Kooples & D.Vicente

New Era by Fuse Collective

New Era

slashTHREE New Era by Saad Moosajee

slashTHREE New Era

Covers, Pin ups, fanart by Ander Zarate

Covers, Pin ups, fanart

Weak end ! by Vermine

Weak end !

3d Arts

The 3D Agency – Candylab by Agent BOB

The 3D Agency - Candylab

Greece vs Cyprus by ILYA Denisenko

Greece vs Cyprus

Art and Digital Art

Collect some stars… by Florian Wirth

Collect some stars...

Artwork by Kelly Durette


Artwork by David Cain


Kid Cudi Illustration by Aurellano

Kid Cudi Illustration

The Beautiful World by Judith Clay

The Beautiful World


Chocolate Type – Tutorial by Brand Nu

Chocolate Type - Tutorial

The Sick Rose by William Blake

The Sick Rose

Worst Mistake by Peter Kowalski

Worst Mistake

Cool Logo Design

Braviant by Sean Heisler



Boy Scouts: Wood by Ogilvy

Boy Scouts: Wood

Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine: Church by Euro RSCG C&O

Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine: Church

Jobgroup: Wave of Work by Hochspannung

Jobgroup: Wave of Work

Architecture and Design

Dragon Eco Bridge by Taranta Creations

Dragon Eco Bridge

Donostialdea metro-station entrance by Snøhetta

Donostialdea metro-station entrance


Advanced Tourer Concept by Subaru

Advanced Tourer Concept

Slate 2 by HP

Slate 2


Design for today Magazine

Design for today Magazine

Interesting Article

Caricatures by Marco Calcinaro

Caricatures by Marco Calcinaro


Patterns by Squidfingers


Free Font

Wobbly Bob Outline

Wobbly Bob Outline


Murmuration by Sophie Windsor Clive



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