Daily Inspirations no. 291

The last working day ahead of us … already thinking about the weekend. Before we leave though, I am sure we’ll still be able to digest something new from the World of design and inspiration. I would like to recommend an artwork called Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops. This illustrations is quite original … very dynamic if you’ll take a closer look. If you’re into super realistic illustrations, you shouldn’t miss Queen of Hearts by Ana Fagarazzi. Love the seductive look in hear eyes. Lower down, in the 3d section we’re featuring another artwork by Thomas Bernos. Just can’t get enough of these puppets. The last artwork I would like to present in this intro is called In Bloom II by Diego Fernandez .. love the concept and realization. Makes it look so old school. Anyway, maybe you’re gonna prefer other artworks featured today … there is just so much quality and all of us have slightly different taste. Enjoy!


Untitled by hyweljones

IMG 0051 by Ikrom Billie

Budapest by Peter Zeglis

Black Birds by Ria de Heij

Reflection by Anthony Fahmi

Hands by Nicolino Sapio

fly by Heri Wijaya


Robo-T by Glenn Jones

Salsa Invertebraxa (A Graphic Novel) by Mozchops

Night Escape by Francis Minoza

Queen of Hearts by Ana Fagarazzi

spring breeze by neville dsouza

Artwork by Rubens Scarelli

3d Arts

Thomas Bernos by Agent BOB

Bionic Felin by Pierre Savoie PIXI Studio

Art and Digital Art

2011 by Raphael Vicenzi

Fall 2010 by J. David McKenney

In Bloom II by Diego Fernandez

Artwork by Laura Serra

Artwork by Omar Ortiz


Passion by Synaptic Stimuli

Audible Visions by unknown

Do Not Worry by toko typeface

Cool Logo Design

LimeFish by Aleksandar


Tabasco: Pizza by Award School

Reebok: Phone by DDB

Adidas: The Messi by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris

Architecture and Design

Chicken Point Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

Shaft House by Reza Aliabadi


Roadster by MINI

Toyota iQ RX by Jon Sibal



Interesting Article

Landscape photography by Peter Zeglis


Ornate, Floral, Swirly and Curly Vector Roundup by various

Free Font



Mound by Allison Schulnik


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