Daily Inspirations no. 289

Today’s inspirations begin with animal photography. The very first one is awesome, just check the posing lizard by Yves Corbeau. What do have curly hair and art in common? Well, check Kosa by Decker Kutic and you’ll find out … how amazing is that?! Going to slow down in the illustrations section .. make sure not to miss the dog painting by Alicja Gapinska. Thomas Bernos is quite an ace when speaking of 3d design … just check one of his latest creations. It’s the yellow puppet holding sword .. good stuff. For some artists pencil or crayon is good enough to create stunning and original artworks. Check Headsongs part 1 by Stefan Zsaitsits and you’ll get it what I was talking about. Personally I can’t leave Cruzine without checking the advertisement section …. simply love the colorful poster called Sagatiba by Lewis Rowe. Enjoy!


Little Lizard II by Yves Corbeau

Flying Dog by Cristina Palma Moreira

280sl Convertible Doppel by Tom Wittkemper

traffic by unknown

Heart In Autumn by MadhoshiArt

High-Speed Punched Fist by Evan

Kosa by Decker Kutic


Glennz Tees Designs by Glenn Jones

MOUSETRAP by unknown

Legendary Boon by Kerem Beyit

Cultist by Draugth

Artwork by Alicja Gapinska

Character Design x illustration by Yu Cheng Hong

3d Arts

Artwork by Thomas Bernos

Fiat 500 by Remi

Art and Digital Art

quiet 4 a wrong reason by Giulio

Artwork by Loic Zimmermann

Odisea by Sebastian Andaur

Artwork by J. David McKenney

Headsongs part 1 by Stefan Zsaitsits


Circul8 by Effektive

A by Dan Tobin Smith

Flames by seblester.co.uk

Cool Logo Design

Coco by Daria Nepriakhina


Sagatiba by Lewis Rowe

Smart Bleach: Bacteria by Filadélfia

Yamaha Parts and Accessories: Help by FAM

Architecture and Design

House Folded by alphaville

Modern Swimming Pool House by Hariri & Hariri


Romo-The Smartphone Robot by Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen

SMELLIT by Olf-Action


Architectural Record

Interesting Article

Amazing illustrations by MKT4


Best Free Textures and Patterns of 2010 by various

Free Font



I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies ). Free segment by sebastien montaz-rosset


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