Daily Inspirations no. 287

Well, hopefully your Halloween partying went well … mine was excellent. Instead of being fresh on Monday, seems like I need another cup of coffee to prevent falling asleep. Something light like our daily inspirations seems to be just right to get us into the working mode again .). So let’s see what we got. Some seriously cool pieces of photography available … check Hand Drip by Derek Lomas and the photo by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi. How about some cool 3d art? Check Vicky’s vengeance by Andrew Hickinbottom. The ones who love traditional paint art … you shouldn’t miss the artwork by Dying Quasar as well as the one from Dean McDowell. Today’s free comic font is a must! … Enjoy!


Photo by unknown

Photo by Hale Çokyürüyen

Hand Drip by Derek Lomas

Myf Shepherd by Jean-François Campos

Photo by unknown

Photo by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi

Megan Fox by Richard Phibbs


Yek-Han by Ertaç Altınöz

The fairydust nest by Caroline J.

Wrecked 2 by Simon Weaner

Lost From Sea by George Patsouras

King of Birds by loquazdesign

AlMaNeGrA by Martin de Diego Sádaba

3d Arts

Vicky’s vengeance by Andrew Hickinbottom

Portrait by Lee Griggs

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Omar Ortiz

Laparisienne by Malika Favre

Artwork by Dying Quasar

Artwork by Dean McDowell

Artwork by Tom Schaller


Sometimes Good Guys dont wear White by 123klan

CUSTOM-OTHER 2 by LetterCult

Retro | Dovde by YouWorkForThem

Cool Logo Design

Encompass by Sam DeMastrie


Cobra Correntes: Cattle by SPR

Keep Australia Beautiful: KAB Ripples Cup by Clemenger BBDO

Shawarma Republic: United We Sandwich, Cow by NINETEEN84

Architecture and Design

California Roll house by Christopher Daniel

The Brown Residence by Lake|Flato Architects


Karma sedan PHEV by Fisker

ZX-14R by Kawasaki


Design YEAR Book

Interesting Article

Amazing artworks by James Jean


25 Kaleidoscope Photoshop Brushes by arbent

Download Icons

Free Font

LF Jazzcloud




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