Daily Inspirations no. 286

It’s quite cloudy out there, wondering when the sun gonna pop up again. Hopefully it’s not that dark out there where you leave .). Anyway, to bright up these fall days, there is nothing better than moving south, somewhere where it’s warm … or, surprisingly an alternative would be to check our HOT inspirations .). So what do we got? Check the Amy Hixson photo by Steve Shaw, nice typography poster called Posters for my first exhibition by Sebastien CUYPERS, cool ad called Zoo Cologne: Neon by Preuss und Preuss … and of course I have to mention something from our freebies – this time it’s gonna be the Grassy Icon Design by 7inc. Enjoy!


manipulatord by unknown

raver by Nicolas Reytet

Photo by Ilona Shevchishina

Coenosia sp. by Juan Antonio Guerrero

Photo by Unknown

Amy Hixson by Steve Shaw

Photo by Oliverdias


Demons Grin by Branko Bistrovic

reaper by Pulung Pristiandi Setiawan

Fotia by George Patsouras

Chasing stars by George Patsouras

Artwork by Waldemar-Kazak

3d Arts

3D Illustrations- Commissioned by Teodoru Badiu

Computer Arts Projects illustration (Free stuff) by Piotr Buczkowski

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Floyd Grey

Scary Halloween Carving Pumpkins by unknown

Artwork by unknown

Absolut by unknown

Artwork by Tom Schaller


Posters for my first exhibition by sebastien CUYPERS

The End is new Begining by unknown

Vectips Weekly Vector Inspiration 45 by Vectips

Cool Logo Design

Jebro Joe by Mike Bruner


Zoo Cologne: Neon by Preuss und Preuss

Department For Communities & Local Government: Fire Safety, Clock 2 by RKCR/Y&R

Vodacom: Night Creatures, Dracula by Draftfcb JHB

Architecture and Design

Taiwan Tower by STL Architects

Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri


TAKERI Concept by Mazda

VIVA – VIP SHUTTLE by Marchi Mobile


Type for You

Interesting Article

Woman paintings by Stella Im Hultberg


Grassy Icon Design by 7inc

Download Icons

Free Font

Ol’ Cowboy ExtraBold DEMO


SUPAKITCH & KORALIE “Euphorie” Paris by RaphaĆ«l Hache


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