Daily Inspirations no. 285

Designers, what’s the best way to start a day? After having a cup of good coffee or tea … you can’t go wrong with checking what’s new in the World of design. For this purpose, we publish every day set of creative inspirations. There are several cool artworks available today … guys shouldn’t miss the photo by colorsandiacom – something like that is always good for the eyes. When interested in illustrations, check AlMaNeGrA by Martin de Diego Sádaba or Phobos_2.0 by Andreas Zafiratos. The artwork by Debbie Smyth combines typography with modern art .. pretty creative – great choice of colors. Every section has something special … got to slow down in the ad section though … simply love the ad by Nexus BBDO (Pizza Planet: California Meat). After all that inspiration … don’t forget to download 15 amazing brushes for Photoshop. Enjoy!


Photo by Harper Smith

manipulatorb by Unknown

colorsandiacom by Unknown

Perfect Profile by Michael Grable

Little Kitty by Istvan Somogyi

Photo by Ali Ertürk

Photo by Manuela Kulpa

Winter Road by Uwe Langmann


Mycon by JP Targete

Incanto by Verónica Atanacio

Not Your Bag! by Hana Opeña Bacasno

Phobos_2.0 by Andreas Zafiratos

AngelRoba by Alexei Samokhin

AlMaNeGrA by Martin de Diego Sádaba

3d Arts

Poker Master by David Mortilla

Alien by Adrian Guerra

Art and Digital Art

Episodes by DACS

Artwork by theumbrella

Artwork by Debbie Smyth

Artwork by Floyd Grey


5_capset-3 by Unknown

Love by Jonathan Zawada

Blazing by Sebastian Lester

Cool Logo Design

CinEmpire by Dan Gretta


Shawarma Republic: United We Sandwich, Chicken by NINETEEN84

Pizza Planet: California Meat by NexusBBDO

Land Rover Defender: Landscapes, Masai by Y&R Brands

Architecture and Design

dºlight Huggable pillow by Takaaki Oguchi

Nasty Set by José Paulo Alves Corceiro


Citroen CCrab concept by Juha-Pekka Rautio

Black Luk by Song Ah Lee



Interesting Article

Photography by Christian Coigny


15 Grunge Corners And Edges Photoshop Brushes by arbent

Download Brushes

Free Font

Garland Regular


Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover by Paperlux


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