Daily Inspirations no. 281

We’re featuring some exceptional photos today … Carl’s bridge in Prague, swimming elephant, hamster sleeping with teddy bear and of course couple of hot model photos. We ain’t finished there .. don’t you miss the 3d arts section with the artwork called Can’t smile without you by Till Nowak. Personally, I love the illustration by Fredrik RattzenNew Yorker. Right underneath, we’ve got few hot typography artworks .. I like the one from Goofy Creative as well as the old school artwork by Andrei D. Robu. Go through all these beautiful artworks presented today … and get inspired!


Dreaming Dark by Fotograf Asmussen

…praha VI… by The Yard Collective

Swimming elephants by Olivier Blaise

Bonnie Strange by Mohamed Gaff

Photo by aleksandra88

Photo by Jessica Florence

Fauna by Ambre Jaraud-Darnault


Hydra monster by Svetlin Velinov

Swamp Predator by Jason Engle

The Summoner Approaches by John Brian Casacop

ForestMan by Wanchana Intrasombat

Red Fox by Tom Rainford

Queen of Hearts concept art by Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera

3d Arts

Can’t smile without you by Till Nowak

Dead Twice by Alessandro Lima

Art and Digital Art

Art by Sarolta Bán

Art by Danielle Champoux

Untitled by unknown

The Fox Is Black by unknown

Illustration 2011 by Fredrik Rattzen


GOOFY x type treatments by Goofy Creative

Queens NY Art Print by Andrei D. Robu

DARK WORDS by Peter Darkin

Cool Logo Design

In a major by Sergey Babenko


Volkswagen: Roller Coaster by Kaffeine

Shera Sound Proof Windows: Bedroom by Ogilvy

Super Rich 1965 Company: Lincoln by Ogilvy & Mather


Warmpath by Michaël Harboun

New and Modern by Patrick Ciebilski


E-Yacht by Charlie Baker

Ferrari Celeritas by Aldo H. Schumann



Interesting Article

Unusual surfer photos


Light Grunge Brushes by Caleb Kimbrough

Download Brushes

Free Font



GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud by GoPro


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