Daily Inspirations no. 280

Today’s set of creative inspirations begins with couple of insect and animal photos. Check the 4th photo from the very top .. simply love that lemur‘s relaxed facial expression :). When moving lower down, you shouldn’t miss the 3d corn waiting on the bus stop. In the art and digital art section, there is an original artwork called Work for The New Yorker by André Carrilho. If you are waiting for a cool product design, check the bamboo lamp … quite unique piece of art; I would no doubt appreciate one of those on my table. As usual, there is plenty of inspirations for everyone, including few freebies. Enjoy!


freakency by Nicolas Reytet

think of something by Anthony Fahmi Hasyim

Photo by Unknown

Captive by cally whitham

Krystal Glynn by Nick Hudson

Photo by Leszek Bujnowski

Photo by unknown


Artwork by Julie Dillon

HABAKKU by Ertaç Altınöz

Nightmares In Rust 012 by Andreas Zafiratos

Dragon Tower by Ralph Horsley

Orkano by Sunny Master

Figment by Bill Melvin

3d Arts

Bruce by Borislav Kechashki

Dreamer Corn by Marcos Nicacio

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by drfranken

Drawings by Bastian Preussger

Artwork by Unknown

Work for The New Yorker by André Carrilho

his morning strut by david galchutt


GOOFY x type treatments by Goofy Creative

Nebula Font by Mauro De Donatis

The Kabel Font by Mathias Nösel

Cool Logo Design

Blue Sheep Books by Deividas Grauzinis


Playstation PSP: Wound by TBWA

Skyguard Send4Help: Child by Delineo

Cam: Pulsar by DLV BBDO


Bendboo table lamp by Tek-Siā Design Studio

Ballare by Yury Dovganyuk


Citroen EGGO concept by Damnjan Mitic

Scan Board by Jo Jae-hwan and Shin Se-hwa



Interesting Article

Amazing Examples of Creative Advertising


Best Free Icon Sets of 2010 by various

Free Font

Bleeding Cowboys


KRUMP 360 (The 360 Project) by Zelig Sound: Composition & Sound


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