Animals in Motion

As a big fan of animal photography, this collection made me especially happy. Love watching animals doing their thing … Me, living in the city I barely get a chance to see something like that live … even if I had such opportunity, it’s quite unlikely I’ll be in the right place at the right time … to see a spectacular theater like that. I am speaking about animals chasing their prey, lions fighting for the territory, brown bears catching salmon or white bears jumping from one ice floe to another. I admire photographers shooting these photos for their patience waiting for the best shot … as well as their fearlessness being at these places. Enjoy our collection … and don’t be afraid to drop us a comment .).

Fight by Sam Rowley

Love Tap by Christopher R. Gray

Bearish Prairie Dogs by Christopher R. Gray

Family Fight by Christopher R. Gray

Flesh Eating Zombie Whippet by Hot Dog Photography

Monty & Oscar by Paul Rosser

Fight by Marcin Nawrocki

beach dogs by Kay Block

Can’t touch me by Porsupah Ree

Warthog Scrap by Ken Watkins

Playtime by Ken Watkins

Gotcha! by Marsel van Oosten

Desert Choreography by Marsel van Oosten

Dance with Me by Marina Cano

Hideout Dust by Marina Cano

Fight by Marina Cano

Shootout at High Noon! by Gerry Sibell

Play time by Siddhardha Garige

The vertical by Stefano Ronchi

Flying Solo by Phil Morgan

Smoking fast by Gorazd Golob

Backlight fishing by René Visser

Squirrel on the rocks by René Visser

Grey Water by Etienne Oosthuizen

Golden Leap by Etienne Oosthuizen

Rhino Run by Etienne Oosthuizen

Grey-headed Flying-foxe | Roussette à tête grise by Édouard Puginier

Mine by Buck Shreck

Gotta Live One Here by Buck Shreck

Dancin & Dippin by Roeselien Raimond

The Big Fight by Debiprakash Dass

Jump! by Vadim Balakin

Furry Speedboat by Marsel van Oosten

One Flew Over the Grizzly\’s Den by Roman Golubenko

Snow Fight by Dennis Binda

Hey Mum! by Phil Cousins

Fight Club by Mircea Costina

Grey Dancer by A. Dragon

shake loose… by Kai Jensen

The race for life by Menachem Sinai

Oops by Marsel van Oosten

Flying Tigers, Hidden Dragon by Chuck Cutler

Full force by Hennie van Heerden

Photo by ^RedpixL

Imminent Success by Barry Rowan

Bonger by Justin Jensen

One Got Away by Todd Klassy

Serengeti Migration by Alexander Bramwell

Lets play! by She Run Away


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