Daily Inspirations no. 273

My fellow designers … we’ve got several cool art pieces in our collection today. I would like to start with the Photo by Jonathan Waiter – I like the historic feeling. From our illustrations I would like to recommend the Cool Dog by Wanchana Intrasombat as well as the lady with parrot. In the art section you may check how the dogs’ heaven may look like :) .. the artwork is called Bathtub to be exact and Sebastian Tan did no doubt a good job up there. Check Vladimir Ryabchikov‘s and John Aslarona‘s paintings … both of them are magnificent. Guys when moving lower down I have to say, today’s set of inspirations is just exceptional … probably the best we had so far … go and scroll through all these beautiful artworks. You won’t be disappointed .. my promise :).


Photo by Robby Cavanaugh

Photo by Jonathan Waiter

Photo by Zoey Grossman Abby Brothers

I want my share by Yousry Aref

Where The Angels Keep Silence by Daria Zaytseva

Ghost ship 4 by alisdair miller

Photo by unknown


Heroes of might and magic by Guangjian Huang

Artwork by Liza Gokoeva

Sasquatch by unknown

Cool Dog by Wanchana Intrasombat

O by maria apoleika

colorful outlook by unknown

3d Arts

Rabbids Go Phone – Ubisoft by PLAYSOFT

Balloon makes you fly by Adrien Castel

Art and Digital Art

Bathtub by Sebastian Tan

Artwork by Vladimir Ryabchikov

Hannya by RoD78

Lookwork by christophe

DOUTZEN by John Aslarona


Random Typography by Simon Ă…lander

Electrical Safety Campaign by Naju

DesignTimes by Radio

Cool logo design

Weway Media by Thomas Bossee


Jeep: Climber by Leo Burnett

Google Maps Street View: Graveyard by BBDO

Glade: Spring, 1 by Giovanni+Draftfcb


The Viceroy Hotel by unknown

Fogo Island Studio Newfoundland by Saunders Architecture


Cobble 3-D concept by Niels van Hoof

Sonar Watch by Samuel Jerichow



Interesting Article

Oil paintings by Esao Andrews


Credit Cards Icons by yootheme

Download Icons

Free Font



Infinity Water – Case Study by KORB


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